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Little Guys Hero

4 years ago
My little guy was not keen on swimming lessons and used to cry the whole way through the lessons until, that is, when we brought him to PK Swim School a couple of weeks ago. He is a different child!! Now he can't wait to get to swimming and the man in the white shirt (Nick) has become his new hero. Thank you so so much.
Sue - Wollongong


4 years ago
We moved from Sydney to Dapto this year and my 3 children have started swimming at PK swim School And they absolutely love it and never tell me they don't want to go. All the staff are truly amazing and so friendly. And I am looking forward to finishing up my swimming teacher hours to join the team.
Mandy - Wollongong

Kellie & Romeo

3 years ago
My grandson loves his swimming lessons. I have been taking him for some time and have been very impressed with the instructors and how good they are with the little ones. Kellie is amazing with little Romeo and he is progressing so much. We going to miss the lessons for a couple of weeks and already he is asking when he will be back in the water.
Debra - Wollongong

Great Swim School

4 years ago
My little girl was petrified at her first few lessons and literally cried the whole way there and during the lesson. The amazing staff were so patient and persevering. She is now progressing so well and actually looks forward to her weekly classes. She has become so confident and her swimming has improved so much. She loves her instructors - thank you so much.
Tina - Wollongong


4 years ago
Was our first solo lesson after babies group class and it was just awesome. The Instructors reconginsed the need to move him around until he settled with one that he was familiar and comfortable with and changed all future lessons so that he is with her... just amazing and attentive with all the young ones! Thanks
Amanda - Wollongong


4 years ago
From the start we said we would have Bella in for lessons to learn how to swim and the benefits are paying off. She is learning more and more and progressing slowly to the new strokes thanks for the hard work and dedicated staff excellent school thanks.
Kristi - Wollongong

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  • PK Swim School supplies a range of swimming gear & accessories for purchase
  • Goggles
  • Floaties
  • Caps
  • We also have a Canteen for your convenience
  • Cold Drinks
  • Chips & Nibbles
  • Tea/Coffee


  • Swimming Lessions For all ages!
  • Beginners and Advanced Swimming Lessons
  • Baby Classes
  • Preschool and Primary School Lessons
  • Squad Training
  • Adults
  • Shower and Toilet facilities for your convenience
  • Children's Play Area

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