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  • We provide a variety of services to choose from. Our services include slashing, mulching, light land clearing, and fertiliser spreading. We use a number of special equipment to guarantee quality service, such as a 4x4 tractor, slasher/mulcher,
  • 16-foot weed wiper,
  • 4-in-1 bucket and a rotary hoe.


  • We specialise in steep country slashing.

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About Pikey’s Rural

Get all your slashing needs at Pikey’s Rural. We are a Coffs Harbour slashing company that provides various services such as slashing, mulching, light land clearing, and fertiliser spreading. With the right set of tools and machinery such as a weed wiper, a rotary hoe, 4-in-1 bucket, and a 4x4 tractor, we are sure to provide all your slashing needs.
At Pikey’s Rural, we have been providing Coffs Harbour slashing services for more than five years, and we are still going strong. We continue to develop our technologies and train our staff members to ensure high-quality services to our customers. Our team of experts is capable of providing specialised services such as steep country slashing as well.
Our employees are all extensively experienced and knowledgeable to satisfy your Coffs Harbour slashing needs. To discuss your slashing needs, simply give us a call and we will assist you with every little detail.
Pikey’s Rural is a notable and reliable Coffs Harbour slashing company, and we are dedicated to providing exceptional service to all our customers.