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Good price and peace of mind.

3 years ago
We are extremely happy with the care our beautiful girl bella gets every time we take her to Pets Park Boarding Kennels and Cattery. Nothing is ever too much of a problem. She is always fresh clean and happy which is nice to see they are looking after my beautiful girl . Highly recommend this kennel to anyone. Good price and peace of mind. You guys rock
Debbie - Port Macquarie


5 years ago
I have to agree with the previous post. We used to board our dogs here every holiday but have been very disappointed with the drop in customer service. The previous owner showed a real interest in our dogs and gave us confidence to leave them in his care. Our dogs always seemed happy to be left there as well. The first time we left the dogs with the new management they charged us for an extra day at around 11.45 despite the fact that they were open later than usual in the holidays. Yes we were after the 'morning session' of 11am but I'm sure that the previous owner would have let that go knowing how regularly we supported his business. We gave them another chance a few weeks later but interestingly the dogs were very reluctant to leave us this time- first time ever at this kennel. We have now decided to try elsewhere which is a shame as we did like the rural setting of this kennel. I have given 2 stars for the location and facilities of the kennel. In a country area customer service i
Annie - Port Macquarie

Wish you could do a 0 star review

a year ago
THREE MONTHS ago my sister did a booking for her American Staffie at this kennel and wasnt advice of any issues with the breed. Upon turning up at 3pm Christmas Eve, we were turned away as this particular kennel doesnt like pitbulls. This is obviously a common (mis)perspection about the particular breed and my sister understands this is comes with owning this particular dog. HOWEVER, why would you let someone make a booking 3 months for Christmas Eve in advance being fully aware of the breed and having no issues. I am appalled at the rudeness of the owner and staff. What an absolute waste of accomodation she can no longer use, his vaccination booster and time. Disgraceful.
Madison Murphy - Waste of time

Our beagles became ill at these kennels

3 years ago
We boarded our 2 healthy beagles at this kennel for 4 days and 3 nights, only to get 2 extremely ill dogs back when we picked them up. They were vomiting blood and had diarrhea. Had to rush them to the emergency vet hospital in the early hours of the morning. They were diagnosed with hge, which can be fatal if not treated. The vet tells us it is not contagious, and very rare for 2 dogs to get it at once. The vet states it is caused by eating something they shouldn't or bad food or an outside influence. We paid extra for a private pen and their own private run. When my husband rang Carol the owner, she said they were fine there and would call back to see how they were doing. This is the last we heard from her, and indicative of the care our dogs received. Our dogs are still recovering and the vets costs are over $2000.00 and rising. I would never recommend this kennel to anyone.
Frank Damian - Port Macquarie

Pets Park Boarding Kennels

4 years ago
We left our two small dogs at Pets Park Boarding Kennels for 4 nights. We agreed to them being placed in the same kennel with strict instructions they needed to be separated at feed time. We then rang daily to insure both dogs were doing well and the smaller, a Minni Foxy was eating well. We were assured she was happy and "cleaning her bowl". When we returned to pick her up we were horrified. She had lost so much weight and she was lethargic. When we started to feed her she had vomiting and diarrhoea. With careful feeding of small frequent meals we have her on the road to recovery. In addition the bedding of both dogs were covered in rat faeces. I would not recommend this Kennel.
Monique - Gold Coast

Not for us!

5 years ago
We left our two cats here recently for just two nights, We asked that they both received two cans of food a day (supplied by us) and they were given just one each, these are the very small type of cans. Upon picking them up we were charged an extra days board as it was in the afternoon, albeit that the establishment is closed from 11a.m.til 3p.m.. Having used this place for many years, since it changed hands recently the new owners seem to have a lot to learn about customers needs and service, we will not be back!
Linda - Port Macquarie

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