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About Pet Minding Sunshine Coast

Pet Minding Sunshine Coast is a reputable business were the customer will receive quality TLC care for their pets while

Pet Minding Sunshine Coast is a reputable business were the customer will receive quality TLC care for their pets while they are at work or on holiday, you will find everything from finding and purchasing that perfect little puppy, to quality care for your animal while you are away, and even a fitness and general wellbeing program. Pet Minding Sunshine Coast services are all tailored for each customer’s individual needs and wants. Also available; rides to vet appointments, groomers, puppy school, or any other appointments that may be needed.

We also provide a service for people without animals; house minding service for people who need their home looked after while away, weather you need your bins out, plants water, lights on/off, mail bought in etc.

Pet Minding Sunshine Coast provides three different pet minding services that covers the sunshine coast, customer’s home visits, live in customer’s home service and live in carers home service, At the time of the Initial meet and greet, we can arrange a service that fits your pet’s normal routine. Pet Minding Sunshine Coast is a caring alternative to dog kennels based on the Sunshine Coast. Puppies and kittens are welcome too.

Home visits allow the animal to stay in the comfort of its own home environment, this prevents any further stress on your animal, the fact that you are going away can be stressful enough for your pet so allowing them to stay in the comfort and safety of their own surroundings ensures they will have a good time while you are away too. You will meet your minder in advance for total peace of mind.

This is the most popular service and is great for people with multiple pets. Each visit includes feeding animals, maintaining cleaning standards, interactive playtime, quality TLC time (cuddle and pat time), these visits go on for half an hour to an hour.

Extra walks, swims and chauffeured appointments can be added to suit your particular animal. Or home extras can be added including lights on/off, curtains open/closed, bins in/out, paper In, plants watered and any other specific needs of the customer.

Live in customers home service is when a pet minder will stay in the customers home to look after the property as well as their animals; this option is great for people that wish to have their home looking "lived in". All of our pet minders are responsible and caring pet sitters, all of whom have been police and reference checked. They will stay in your home overnight and spend quality time with your animals in the comfort of their own home.

We will ensure your pets are fed and given fresh water and then, once the essentials are taken care of, it’s playtime. We’ll give your pets plenty of attention and happily exercise them with walks and games – just as you would if you were home.

This service is very popular and is also great for people with multiple pets to keep the stress levels down in your animal due to it being in familiar surroundings.

This service also includes lights on/off, curtains open/closed, bins in/out, paper In, plants watered and any other specific needs of the customer. This service is subject to availability.

Live in carers home service is full time care in the comfortable home environment of the pet minder where your pet is welcome inside and treated as one of the family.

An initial meeting can be arranged to meet the pet minder prior to booking, this is also a good opportunity to see the very cosy home environment that you’re animal will be cared for in while you are away.

This is also the time to fill information form and let your pet minder know of any specific attention your animal may need. Other information in this form is regarding: the breed of the animal, type of food, and times to feed, and any other customer specifics that they may be interested in.

Pet Minding Sunshine Coast has a policy of only caring for one family's animal/s at one time. This ensures the best of care for your animal. It is always recommended to bring some of your pets toys or a blanket to remind your loved one of home, and the food you feed them to ensure there is no upset tummies due to change in diet.

Our minders also try to be as flexible as possible with times for you to drop-off and pick-up which means that sometimes you can leave your best friend for one or two days less than if you used a dog kennel. This service is subject to availability.

House minding provides customers with the comfort of security for your home whilst you are away on holiday. Whether you want the lights turned on or off, bins put out or to be brought in or to just have your mail brought in to give your house the appearance that you are still at home. You will also receive a full security check of the home with this service to ensure no-one has entered or tried to tamper with your home.

We can source specific breeds of dogs that are suited to customer’s wants and needs. An initial meeting will be arranged where you can discuss your needs and wants in a new pet. Information regarding; attributes in an animal, work hours, home hours, how active and how big. This enables us to see what particular type of animals is suited to that person’s life style.

We can also find the right kitten for the cat lovers out there. Finding appropriate pet for our customer’s specific needs and wants is very important to us, to prevent the animal being re-homed at a later date.

Pet Minding Sunshine Coast uses its breeder’s connections and also animal shelters to source animals and does not support any puppy farms or any part of the industry connected to puppy farming.

The pet fitness programme provides an appropriate fitness and exercise routine is designed specifically for your animal for issues such as weight or just general fitness for people who find it hard to find time to exercise their pets properly.

Pet Minding Sunshine Coast also helps people find new homes for animals that they are no longer able to care for themselves.

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