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  • Electrical:
  • Being our core business and our foundation, we believe every job should be completed like if it were our own house or premises. This doesn’t give opportunity to any shortcuts or second grade work, which could compromise the safety of your electrical installation. Panlec understands very well, it is never worth buying second grade quality equipment to save a few dollars, only to be called out in a few years due to failing parts! It is this reason, we only use the best quality gear at reasonable prices!
  • Air-Conditioning and Evaporative Cooling:
  • For two decades, Panlec has been servicing the air conditioning/evaporative cooling sector throughout the Central Highlands region. We are well aware of all the seemingly great deals on the plethora of different brands available. Also applying our same philosophy to our air-conditioning services, we have proven countless times it is not worth saving a few hundred dollars up front to buy lower quality brands, greatly increasing chances of issues and breakdowns in only a few years.
  • For this reason, we have dealt with most top name brand split systems throughout the years. There is a reason why we have sold the brand DAIKIN for 15 years now. Daikin is well known to be the pinnacle of quality and reliability in all its air conditioning range, while still offering great value, and cheaper in the long run compared with buying lesser quality brands! With world leading energy efficiency, and spare parts readily available, this makes DAIKIN a very favorable for choice.
  • BREEZAIR have been a key player in the evaporative cooling sector for decades, and have the name in quality and reliability. Though most customers prefer the versatility and ease of a split system, they cannot offer the bulk airflow and the fresh, cooled outside air that evaporative cooling provides! They are extremely efficient, yet deliver huge amounts of fresh outside air straight into your home! Panlec have experience installing evaporative systems since 1996, so call us to find out more!
  • Solar:
  • Here at Panlec Energy Solutions, we are a big believer in green sustainable power! That’s why when the prices for solar equipment dropped, and the introduction of STC and Solar Rebates, we jumped on board and have installed almost a hundred systems throughout Central Queensland. We have also installed several off grid/hybrid systems, which is another step up in what the solar industry can offer to Home owners.
  • Again, we have been called out to so many system where the inverter has failed, only to find the company used wasn’t local and has since gone out of business. This means no warranty or support for the customer’s solar equipment. That is why it is critical important to use the best quality equipment in every solar installation, as it is a long term investment! Using a local business for your solar installation will guarantee future support, warranty and advice which is only a phone call away!

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  • Electrical License: 9297
  • Solar Accreditation
  • Refrigeration License
  • ABN 53827636965


  • DAIKIN Split System Design, installation, service and Repair (Authorized service dealers).
  • Solar System Design, Installation, repairs.
  • Rural, Domestic and light Commercial Electrical Installations and repairs.

About Panlec Energy Solutions

Thanks for taking time to check us out! Panlec Energy Solutions is an electrical business based in Springsure, QLD that

Thanks for taking time to check us out! Panlec Energy Solutions is an electrical business based in Springsure, QLD that endeavors to deliver professional work in a warm and friendly manner to all of our customers. We are only satisfied when our customer is! That is why we undertake every job as if it were our own. We can cover all your energy needs, including Electrical, Air-conditioning and Solar installations and repairs.

Panlec Energy Solutions offers a wide range of services around the Electrical, Air-conditioning and Solar sectors with guaranteed high quality workmanship at competitive prices. We feel strongly about providing local backup support on all of our services, including warranty, free check-ups and maintenance. This is why we have tested many brands throughout the years, only to find the best, most reliable yet cost effective solutions in all the equipment we install.