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  • Soils
  • Gravel
  • Mulch
  • Pots
  • Plants
  • Decorative gravels
  • Masonry blocks
  • Bremick Fasteners
  • Burnt Earth Pottery
  • Hardware


  • Bulk landscape & gardening products
  • Soils / gravel / mulch
  • Pots
  • Plants
  • Delivery
  • Truck hire


  • Bulk or bagged landscaping products
  • Delivery service

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About Palms Landscape Supplies

Pacific Palms Landscape Supplies & Gardenworld supplies bulk or bagged landscaping and gardening materials, such as soil, gravel and mulch. We also sell pots and plants and a range of pavers, blocks, garden features and hardware.

We carry a range of pots and garden ornaments and water features from Burnt Earth Pottery. We stock a range of hardware fasteners from Bremick to fix everything in place with corrosion resistant screws and bolts.

You’ll find decorative gravel for beautiful ground cover on pathways, as well as pavers and masonry blocks, along with sand for bedding them securely. These options not only help create entertaining areas within your garden areas, they also make sure your gardens remain accessible even in the midst of inclement weather.

When you choose from our abundance of nursery plants, you’ll also see a range of soils and mulches that will be sure to make your thumbs seem greener than you ever imagined.

Whatever quantity of landscaping materials you need – bulk or bagged – we can load into your trailer or deliver by truck. We even offer truck hire for your landscaping project.

Contact Pacific Palms Landscape Supplies & Gardenworld today. Whatever your garden needs, we can help, at prices you’ll be pleased to find.