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5 years ago
This is the best bakery ever it actually has good treats and cheap farmed bread which tastes great, the carrot cake doesn't have all the food colouring and powder flavouring on it, it actually tastes good 5/5
Andrew - Gold Coast

Uneatable! Don't bother!!

6 years ago
Terrible. Will never go back. OHS should pay a visit here ASAP. Eclairs were off and the cream had completely set, discoursed and turned yellow. Not to mention the terrible smell that came from both eclairs when I decided to pull the top off for a closer look. Not to mention the 'cheesecake' that tasted and smelt like maple syrup... Really? How is cookies and cream cheesecake resembled by an overpowering sickening taste of fake maple syrup. I better not get sick from this putrid joke of a place called a bakery. Do not shop here. You're better off walking across the road and visiting 7 eleven for a two day old Krispy Kreme and a sugar induced slushy!
Dan - Gold Coast

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