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07 4959 31
722 Mackay Rd
Pleystowe QLD 4741


  • We use the toughest fabricated steel in all the projects we undertake. Our wise choice of materials employed in our job contracts helps us deliver reliable steel fabrication and high-quality welding in Mackay.


  • Customers give preference not only to our high-standard welding and reliable steel fabrication services in Mackay. We also exhibit competency in repair services, general engineering, general construction, factory maintenance, and plant and equipment overhauls.


  • We have the expertise to service various types of industrial equipment for sugar mills, earthmoving, and mining.


wtia welding tech in australia
generic inductions
black coal competencies
# 9290
high risk training
working at heights & confined space training

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Origin Group (Qld) Pty Ltd provides services in welding and steel fabrication in Mackay and the Bowen Basin. We have more than 10 efficient employees in our team, combining more than 100 years of industry experience.
With the extensive experience of our workforce, Origin Group (Qld) Pty Ltd has set high standards for welding in Mackay. In addition, we now have quality modes of steel fabrication Mackay customers prefer.
Customers also turn to us for other services besides our competencies in welding and steel fabrication in Mackay. We at Origin Group (Qld) Pty Ltd expertly undertake plant maintenance as well as the requirements for repairs and engineering. You can also count on us to supply skilled manpower for projects which call for expertise in welding and steel fabrication. Our competency extends to a wide range of equipment employed in various industries such as mining and sugar milling.
We are a licensed welding tech in Australia with black coal competencies. With our extensive local knowledge and experience at Origin Group (Qld) Pty Ltd, we guarantee an almost incomparable level of service in every job.