Old Bar Landscapes

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  • ABN- 69989162081
  • ABN 69989162081


  • Complete Garden Maintenance – Regular Service
  • Our regular garden maintenance can include all or some of the above depending on your requirements. A package can be tailored to suit your needs and budget. Maintain grounds in a tidy and healthy state Mow Whipper-snip edges Blow down hard surfaces Remove and dump grass, Trim plants and shrubs to within confines of garden. Spot spraying weeds of gardens and paved/concrete areas 2 fertiliser applications to your gardens per year One spray for bindii and clover per year Remove all trimmings and garden waste.
  • Mowing and Edging
  • Our mowing service includes mowing with a push mower (with catcher), whipper-snip edges, spot spraying weeds on hard surfaces, blow down of hard surfaces and removing and dumping grass clippings.
  • Garden Clean-Up
  • Our garden maintenance service can help spruce up your entire property. We can mow, plant new plants, dig up old plants, trim all your shrubs and hedges, collect all the leaves, weed, water, edge, mulch, fertilise and carry out landscaping.
  • Commercial / Industrial / Body Corporate Grounds Maintenance
  • We have the experience and qualifications to meet your deadlines and pride ourselves in being reliable and committed to providing excellent service.
  • Acreage Maintenance
  • We have all the right staff and equipment to maintain your acreage property. As well as the normal services we provide we can offer slashing, poisoning of fence lines and lawn grub spraying. No area is too small or large for us to maintain.
  • Irrigation Installation & Repair / Rainwater Tank Maintenance
  • We can provide advice on the number and type of sprinklers you will need, what size pipes would be required and how long to run your spinklers. We can set up a new system for you or repair, maintain and add to your current trickle, pop-up or automated sprinkler system, 1300 4 Gardening will design and provide a plan to you to show you what fittings will be required and where it is best to run your pipe line - saving you time and money! 1300 4 Gardening can also service and clear the filters on your rainwater tank as well as testing your computers and rain sensors. 1300 4 Gardening can also water your lawns and gardens to keep them green and healthy.
  • Weed Control and/or Poisoning
  • A gorgeous garden can be easily spoiled by weeds which take nutrients from plants, block sunlight and can even strangle foliage. As experienced landscapers we can advise you on the best way to remove weeds from your garden and assist in their removal. We use poisons to kill unwanted plants. The products that we offer range from non-selective herbicides that kill all plants to selective herbicides that only kill specific plants. These pesticides have advantages such as stopping weeds before they grow, controlling invasive plant species and being able to simply spot-treat home and garden weeds.
  • Fertilising
  • Fertilising is very important for keeping your garden healthy and help plants ward off disease, drought and other harsh conditions. Fertilising can encourage your plants to produce a higher quality of fruit, flowers or veggies. We can offer advice on fertilizing necessities and can undertake this service for you, should you require.
  • Pruning & Hedge Trimming
  • To help plants maintain their shape and promote growth, it's a good idea to regularly prune and trim hedges, trees, shrubs and bushes. We can provide a regular pruning and trimming service, to keep your garden looking its best.
  • Mulching, gravel & general ground cover
  • Mulch, gravel & ground cover can benefit your garden immensely! Some of these are: Maintains soil moisture, reduce evaporation and the need for watering can be minimized Reduce germination and help control weeds Serves as nature’s insulating blanket and keeps soils warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer Improve soil aeration, structure (aggregation of soil particles) and drainage over time Some mulches can improve soil fertility A layer of mulch can inhibit certain plant diseases. Mulching around trees helps facilitate maintenance and can reduce the likelihood of damage from whipper-snippers or "lawn mower blight” Mulch can give garden beds a uniform, well-cared-for look Higher priced mulch will last longer and look better for longer! Cheaper priced mulches can break down quicker and deteriorate at a faster rate.
  • Rubbish Removal
  • Mature gardens can generate a lot of waste including hedge trimmings, palm fronds and shrub or tree prunings. We can offer our services to help you manage green waste and keep your property tidy.
  • We can also assist if your garden is littered with debris from a storm or other incident.
  • If you have an odd job and don’t know who to call, we have trailers and the manpower to handle most requests, including removal of green waste, debris, old furniture, any old/unwanted belongings from your property, shed or under your house.
  • Lawn Installation & Maintenance
  • We can source and supply the best quality turf for your needs or requirements. We can measure up and carry out new lawn installation or rejuvenate your lawn. Our staff are fully trained and will fulfil any requirements that your lawn may need including fertilising, aeration, scarifying, top dressing or spraying with selective herbicides for weeds.
  • Stump Grinding
  • Do you have a stump that you keep tripping over or looks unsightly in your yard? Did you know that stumps can attract termites? Call us to arrange a free quote to leave your yard stump free!
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