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  • As a landscape design and construction company, we offer the complete landscaping experience with services including:
  • Retaining Walls
  • Paving
  • Gardens
  • Decks
  • Drainage
  • Fencing
  • Concreting
  • Rock Walls
  • Timber Walls
  • Water Features
  • Tiling
  • Irrigation
  • Maintenance
  • Turfing


  • ABN - 55369357011


  • Construction, Design, Retaining Walls, Paving, Gardens, Decks, Drainage, Fencing, Concreting, Rock Walls, Timber Walls, Water Features, Tiling, Turfing, Irrigation, Maintenance

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A leading Sunshine Coast based landscape design and construction company, directed by a dedicated tradesman passionate about his craft. Common services include: paving tiling and concreting, turfing, garden beds and edging, fencing, retaining walls and stone walls, and stone cladding.


The potential of an empty yard will leave you breathless after Odyssey Landscapes brings your dreams to life. We love working with our customers and seeing their reactions to the results. A yard should reflect the style of your home and provide a great environment for your friends and family to spend time together outside. We will work with you to design your yard and then work to make it a reality. From landscape design through to construction, Odyssey Landscapes will bring all you've imagined to life.


Taylor Lukic has been landscaping for six years and has always enjoyed the challenge it presents. He is creative, committed to high-quality products and easy to work with. He enjoys using walls, structures and a wide range of planting schemes to turn a plain piece of land into an oasis. The difference between the start of a project and the end product never ceases to amaze him.



Take a bland space of property and turn it into a beautiful yard worthy of your home. Check out our garden design and construction services.

Beautify your walkway, patio or pool area with our concrete, natural stone or tile services. We want you to love walking around your yard.

Enjoy a beautiful new sandstone or bluestone wall that adds to the look and style of your yard. Because of its natural look, it will never go out of style.
Fencing & Retaining Walls

Take control of your yard with Odyssey Landscapes’ stylish fencing and retaining wall services. We will add a picturesque boundary that you will love.

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