Occupational Matters

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  • Respiratory Dust Masks, Safety eye wear, gloves, hearing earplugs, ear muffs


  • *Occupational Hygiene Assessments
  • Testing contaminants by onsite sampling to see the workplace levels & are compared to exposure limits to check a site’s compliance. Contaminants could be chemicals, dust, silica or asbestos.
  • *Occupational Noise Surveys
  • Onsite noise sampling completed a by Class 1 sound level meter & dosimeter for operator personal exposure levels. Noise levels must comply to an average noise criteria of 85 decibels over an 8 hour day.
  • *Mold Reports
  • Surface swabs combined with indoor air quality testing can determine if mold toxins are causing respiratory allergic symptoms.
  • *Asbestos Registers
  • If asbestos is on site a register is mandatory & reviewed annually as per legislation. Asbestos degrades & releases fibers; air monitoring and visual inspection will ensure a safe workplace.
  • *Risk Assessments
  • A risk assessment will identify, manage and eliminate possible of health hazards. Hazardous risk management is now legislated within WHS Regulation and Act. Does your site require advice?
  • *Air Quality Testing
  • Air quality may be reduced due to pollution emissions or poor air circulation in a confined environment. An assessment identifies the contaminants & levels if high requires remediation. Odor investigations are similar though target an offensive pollutant & resolve the cause of the emission.
  • *Heat Stress
  • A person is in danger if the body core temperature reaches 41°C. To accurately assess the risk of heat stress a monitor is used which records both the core temperature & real time relative humidity.

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