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About Nutrition & Weight Loss Company

"Change is possible, Your Weight Loss Journey Starts Today You have the rest of your life to enjoy the results."


"Change is possible, Your Weight Loss Journey Starts Today You have the rest of your life to enjoy the results."

The Nutrition & Weight Loss Company method primarily promotes fat burning while supporting muscle retention. Why is muscle retention important? A common consequence of dieting is a loss of muscle ALONG with fat. Muscle burns calories. If you lose muscle while dieting, you will have hindered your ability to burn calories, post-diet. As a result you will be at risk of regaining your lost weight...unless you have learned how to develop better eating habits and employed a protein based diet to lose weight. Protein supports muscle mass and also satisfies the human appetite, unlike carbohydrates (sugar) and fats. Therefore, all of Nutrition & Weight Loss Company food products contain an average of 15+ grams of protein to assist your muscle retention while you shed your excess kilos. Additionally, you will receive a smarter lifestyle education from your personal weight loss coach. The purpose of this education is to assist you in making better, sustainable eating choices after dieting.

If you’re tired of bouncing from one fad diet to another and frustrated with results that don’t last. Contact us today to register for one of our weight loss information sessions and ask about stable weight maintenance and the path to balanced eating.

About Peter Hobson

I was born in Melbourne but have grown up in Queensland from a young age. I share a huge passion for surfing, martial arts and mountain biking.

I have a zest and zeal for health and vitality. I was introduced to the issues of health and aging by observing my mother who worked in a nursing home. Now I am talking about the old style facilities which was one long rectangular dorm with beds pushed up against the walls and a small half curtain separating the beds. Each bed carried an elderly person waiting for their time to pass. Walking amongst the beds each person was either laying on their side or their back with a small table near their bed with their most needed items close to them and the majority looked like they had already passed. One elderly gentleman who was so still appeared to be sleeping or.... As I approached he open his eyes and a blank no focusing vision looking in my direction scared the hell out of me.

I ran to my mother and asked why all these folks were here and what was going on. She responded they we old. I asked does this happen to all old people and her response was no. It was right there I made a choice to live a vital and healthy life and find all that was required for that to occur.

My first encounter with drug therapy was when I was an 11 years of age. Our family moved from Victoria to Brisbane where I developed Asthma. After seeing a number of doctors I was referred to Prince Charles Hospital in Brisbane. After barrage of tests, my mother was advised by my doctor that I would require three different drugs for the rest of my life or until I grew out of the Asthma.

I was fortunate that my parents looked at alternative approaches and with a variety of approaches and therapies my Asthma eased and before long had almost completely gone. I haven’t had to worry about it since.

My passion is to help others become aware of the benefits of a natural health and vitality.

My diverse background and my passion for health and vitality gives our clinic a unique and broad based approach in helping as many as possible to achieve optimal health and wellbeing for themselves.

I am reminded daily that without your health, you have nothing, so sharing my years of knowledge with folks, caring for their health and their families is what I do best.

"The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease."

(We are located in Nerang, and serve patients from Gold Coast)

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