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  • Chewable silicone products:
  • Ninja Chews
  • Ninja Necklaces
  • Powerful Pendants
  • Bravery Bangles
  • Pencil Toppers


  • Kids Necklaces

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  • ABN: 64 607 588 429
  • ABN 64 607 588 429

About Ninja Babies

As the busy mum of the three original Ninja Babies and an experienced Early Childhood (Prep to Grade 3) teacher,

As the busy mum of the three original Ninja Babies and an experienced Early Childhood (Prep to Grade 3) teacher, I am proud to introduce you to my small local (Sunshine Coast) business Ninja Babies - Designer Chewable Jewellery for Fashion, Sensory Stimulation and Special Needs. We offer over 50 stylish, unisex designs and vibrant colours for ages 3 years old and over.

With a small range of Ninja Chews, Ninja Babies originally set out to help teething babies soothe their tender gums. Mums quickly realised our products are also stylish and bright jewellery to add a colour accent or pop of colour to any outfit/uniform.

Excitingly, we also soon discovered that our products are age & socially appropriate, healthy alternatives that assist people of all ages living with special needs, particularly those who crave oral stimulation and/ or heavy mouth work or have Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Asperger's Syndrome (AS), Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD), Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD), fidgeting, anxiety, decreased concentration, stress, built up energy, fingernail biting or chewing on other unsafe objects. They also help to help fill the sensory tanks of those with oral sensory needs.

People of all abilities can find chewing soothing/calming, stress reducing and help regain balance when overstimulated. Parents have bought our products as a means to help children who bite out of frustration learn what they can and can't sink their fangs into. The pieces in our range have been specifically chosen to be discrete, affordable and easily accessible for those wearing them.

We continue to expand our range to include designs that appeal to boys/men, tweens and teens, while increasing the number of pieces designed in the Ninja Babies Headquarters.

Join other children, parents, educators and therapists by:
using/ recommending Ninja Babies products
stocking Ninja Babies products (together with One Voice Allied Therapies on Thuringowa Dr or Cootharinga NQ on Keane St, Townsville)
hosting your own Ninja Babies fundraiser

I invite you to visit our website and please contact me for further information.

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