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We all have resources that we use every minute of our life in our quest for good health, joy, freedom and happiness. These resources of mental, emotional, physical and energetic work together to create harmony and when the harmony is disturbed we have symptoms.
Every person is unique. No two people have exactly the same inherited patterns and experience in life and so the pattern of each person’s disharmony is also unique. Neuro training Kinesiology is unlike any other Kinesiology and gets behind the mental, emotion, physical and energetic symptoms that limit the expression of a person’s life. When we have unresolved traumas and fears, the healthy harmony of our body and mind is shaken and often lost resulting in a wide variety of symptoms.
We are very aware of our symptoms at the conscious level and there are many main stream and alternative complementary therapies that help with managing symptoms. However it is in the subconscious where we need to look for the original disturbance to the internal harmony that creates symptoms. Neuro training Kinesiology works both the conscious and subconscious to search for the disharmonies and disturbances and the means to changes neurology.
Kinesiology helps to feel good about yourself and to achieve personal potential with good and happiness.

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