My Gypsy Child

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  • Happy Nappy Bum Balm
  • Sleepy Baby Bath Wash
  • Bond with Baby Massage Oil
  • Squeaky Clean Kids Shampoo
  • Aloe Vera Skin Gel
  • Billy the Kid Goat Milk Soap
  • Caps Off Cradle Cap Remedy
  • No Bugs on Bubs Insect Repellent (Outdoor Body Spray)
  • Grumpy Gums Teething Oil
  • Tummy Rub Colic Oil
  • No Nit Nats Head Lice Treatments
  • Flower Power Baby Lotion
  • Vivacious Vixen Body Wash
  • Grow with Grace Stretchmark Oil
  • Time for Me Bath Oil
  • Arriving Angel Birthing Oil
  • Toxin Tyrant Cellulite Oil
  • New Mummy Healing Balm
  • All Over Me Aloe Vera Gel
  • Refresh Me Facial Spray
  • Just Gorgeous Moisturiser
  • 100% Bamboo Baby Blanket
  • 100% Bamboo Bath Towel
  • 100% Bamboo Face Washer
  • Genuine Baltic Amber Teething Necklaces
  • Baby Fisherman's Pants
  • Newborn Baby Gift Boxes


  • We provide the service of offering a certified organic & 100% natural personal care skincare range for Mums & Bubs.
  • We also offer Home Parties & attend Baby Showers in the FNQ region.
  • We can provide specific products tailored individually for specific clients & offer round the clock advice for all baby & pregnancy skincare problems.

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  • We are licensed to produce & distribute certified organic personal skincare for Mums & Bubs.
  • ABN 56 314 172 988

About My Gypsy Child

At My Gypsy Child we produce an extensive range of certified organic and 100% natural personal care and skincare for

At My Gypsy Child we produce an extensive range of certified organic and 100% natural personal care and skincare for babies, pregnancy and post partum. All products are of very high quality, safe, effective and chemical free. Founder of My Gypsy Child certified organic baby products - Sacha Maujean - has spent all her life seeking more natural and organic alternatives to skincare and like most Mums, she only wants the best for her children. Both of her daughters are fair with very sensitive skin and she became frustrated with a lack of truly natural and organic baby skincare which was affordable and actually worked, so she made her own. Sacha firmly believes that only raw, live ingredients will work on your baby, not clever marketing campaigns. "There are so many products out there that claim to be “natural” and “organic” but on further inspection of the labeled ingredients, it becomes clear that these products may only contain as little as 1% natural or organic ingredients, the rest are harsh toxins, synthetics and dangerous chemicals. There are still many 'fake' natural products on the market which contain nasty parabens, mineral oils, sudsing and foaming agents, SLS, known carcinogens and synthetic industrial chemicals contaminating the products. Parents are becoming much more aware of what products they are using on their very precious babies, and awareness is becoming more widespread. It is our sincere hope that one day soon, organic baby skincare products are affordable and mainstream.

At My Gypsy Child organic baby products our mission is to educate Mums and protect babies by offering a 100% natural baby skincare range at an affordable price. We are consistently researching and developing new organic products for babies and pregnancy and post partum care for Mums. Our products are holistic and 100% natural and organic containing nothing artificial or synthetic. They are stability tested and PH balanced and contain a variety of nutrient rich toxin-free ingredients. Our range features a variety of simple plant derived products containing up to 99.8% certified organic ingredients. We take pride in only sourcing raw, environmentally sustainable ingredients of very high quality from around the world. “Green” chemistry is becoming much more advanced, allowing us to source the highest quality natural and organic ingredients for our products available. The key to My Gypsy Child’s effectiveness and success is its active ingredients and the way they are combined. We believe in the healing power of nature and use the safety and assurances of modern evidence based scientific research when we develop our formulations.

We also stock gorgeous 100% raw and natural Bamboo Baby Blankets, Bath Towels and Face Washers, and a variety of Newborn Baby Gift Boxes which are simply stunning. Check out our new range of super funky Baby Fisherman's Pants too, funk up your bub!

At My Gypsy Child we are a green eco-smart company. By being “green” we are referring to lifestyle, ethical and political choices that help to conserve, rather than harm our planet. We make sensible, sustainable and nurturing choices for our planet and for our babies. With our ethical choices, we understand that our products have not caused any harm to the environment, people or animals. Mostly our packaging is either 100% recycled or 100% recyclable and all BPA-free. We try and source the most environmentally friendly packaging and office products available. We do not test on animals and are against animal testing. We do not use palm oil or any ingredients derived from palm oil as we love orangutans and are mindful of the origin of all our ingredients. We support Fair Trade wherever possible, do not support child labor and are socially conscious about our employment policies.