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15 days ago
I recently had an accident on my KTM 1290 S my best ever bike, (but thanks to someone dropping diesel on a corner causing a total of 3 bikes to go down in a matter of 2 hours) that required an insurance claim to be made, I was originally concerned the bike would come back "not quite the same as before the accident" well my concerns were quickly dispelled as the Team at Moto1 knew i was very particular in the way i look after my Bikes and due to covid the parts would take 2 months to arrive so the team not only stored my bike inside in the Parts Department they even put a cover on it. When the parts arrived it was only a 2 day turnaround to complete the repairs. I could not have asked for a better outcome as there wasn’t a single scratch on the bike from a slipped socket or spanner from the repair process and the bike was a good as brand new. Many thanks to the entire team for their service in particular to Pav the Mechanic and Rob the Service Manager, once again a HUGE thanks
Julien Goders
a year ago
It was great to visit the shop this weekend and have such knowledgeable and friendly staff. I’ve been to a lot of shops in my years and this one did a lot right in my books.

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