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Mentges Master Meats Traditional Continental Smallgoods
Great butcher
Really great butcher, fantastic. Kranskys, Berlin and all other meats are great. The sour dough bread is also amazing.



  • Butcher


  • Cheese kranski
  • Chilli cheese kranski
  • Hot kranski
  • Original kranski
  • Jägerwurst
  • Frankfurter
  • Bockwurst
  • Onionwurst
  • Lyoner
  • Beef wurst
  • Venison wurst
  • Weisswurst
  • Thüringer
  • Krakauer
  • Mild green pepper salami
  • Hot chilli salami
  • Italian salami
  • Fresh sausages
  • Schwenkbraten
  • Berliner
  • Teewurst
  • Schinkenwurst
  • Tiroler
  • Brawn
  • Liverwurst—Paté
  • Black forest ham
  • Columbian ham
  • Kassler
  • German bacon
  • Kassler chops
  • Hocks & ribs
  • Schinkenspeck & prosciutto
  • Raw beef & prosciutto
  • Smoked pork belly
  • Meatloaf plain
  • Meatloaf orienta
  • Meatloaf pizza
  • Meatloaf capsicum
  • Meatloaf multiseed
  • Meatloaf coarse hot pepper
  • Meatloaf coarse mild pepper


  • Safefood NSW Licensed


  • No gluten or MSG
  • No Artificial colours or flavours
  • No Fillers or Preservatives
  • Taste testing
  • Traditional continental smallgoods
  • German hams
  • German steaks
  • German sausages

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  • Cheque
  • EFT
  • Mastercard
  • Money Order
  • Visa



Rudis excellent small goods
It has been a few years since I was at Rudis shop with my mother (Inge). We all laughed at Rudis jokes. The best thing was and still is the old school, down to earth service and smiles we always got from Rudi and Ben. I'll see you guys Thursday morning. My mouth is watering.
Great choice of Smallgoods, and very tasty. Keep up the good work.
Amazing range of meats
The range of meats is amazing the perfume/aroma when you walk in is amazing the taste of the smoked prosciutto is un-explainable it is that nice. and the hambones / ham hocks for pea and ham soup so much flavor no salt needed to season.



Mentges Master Meats Traditional Continental Smallgoods is your quality local butcher in Taree.

With more than 40 different traditional continental meat products, our helpful team can provide handmade and organic sliced meats and herbs.

For German quality meats at affordable prices, visit our delicatessen. We stock a range of gluten-free and low-fat meat products including cheese kranski, frankfurter, Berliner, German ham, hocks and ribs and much more.

All products are suitable for celiac sufferers and diabetics because they are all made without fillers, preservatives, gluten or added M.S.G, colours, flavours and are low in fat.

Our shop trades on Thursdays and Fridays. On Mondays and Tuesdays we have an answering service available to record messages. So drop by or leave a message with Mentges Master Meats Traditional Continental Smallgoods in Taree today.

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