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Saved us $$$$

3 years ago
We rented a fully furnished room out under our house for the last 18mths. Not sure what our boarder did with the mattress but our relatively new and expensive mattress was smelling really bad. I was prepared to take it to the tip when my husband suggested giving MattressKleen a go. Glad we did, saved us quite a few hundred on having to replace the mattress. Looks brand new and smells amazing. Efficient, friendly and affordable service. Will definitely be using this service again.
Anne - Sunshine Coast


4 years ago
Every time we move we get our mattresses cleaned religiously. Mattresskleen have been great in organising this for us. You all should get your mattresses cleaned, you would be surprised at what builds up in them over time, almost made me sick the first time. Doesn't take them long to spray and clean them and they feel like a new mattress. Highly recommend this service!
Sam - Sunshine Coast

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  • Mattress cleaning
  • Urine & stain removal

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