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  • Counselling
  • Mental health services
  • Treatment for children, adolescents & adults


  • Child Adolescent & Adult Psychoanalytic Treatment
  • NDIS practitioner


Member of AASW
Member of AASW College 
Queensland Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Association Inc.

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About Marisa Patchell

Are you looking for an understanding, caring psychotherapists in Townsville? Marisa Patchell is ready to listen.

Based in Hyde Park, Marisa offers counseling, psychology and psychotherapy services which strives to improve your mental health and overall well-being.

Marisa takes the time to hear your concerns and aims to help educate you on techniques and methods designed to combat negative thoughts and anxious feelings that can come with depression and anxiety.

Psychotherapy can be very effective in the treatment of some mental issues and disorders. Maybe you could benefit from working with Marisa towards tempering your mental strength?

Don’t be afraid to reach out and seek help if you feel you need it — Marisa treat all patients with complete confidentiality and respect at all times.

If you’re suffering in silence, break it, and call psychotherapist Marisa Patchell today. Set foot on the road to recovery.