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Great service!!

4 years ago
Manny is a fantastic barber, very patient and friendly with children. This is the only barber my son will go to. He is absolutely lovely.
Sarah - Wollongong

A cheap, good, experienced, no-nonsense barber

5 years ago
I have been going to Manny for about half a year and I am very happy with his service. He is cheap, despite the fact that he is located right in the middle of Wollongong. He has been cutting hair for a long time (I think 30 years) so he has ample experience. He doesn't talk nonsense or waffle-on about crap, but is friendly and courteous. I was motivated to write this review by the one negative review that I read. It seems that the person had a bad experience because of a misunderstanding. OK. Things like that happen. It's not the end of the world and hair grows back. I don't think Manny deserves a bad review on the basis of one bad experience.
Joe - Wollongong

Opposite of what I asked for.

6 years ago
When I say I want a trim that takes off no more than an inch, that does not mean I want my hair trimmed down to just one inch long. Barber did not use enough water to wet my hair either, I had itchy trimmings in my clothing all day. Dirty shop. Clipped hair under all the counters along with dust and other waste. Low price, very low quality. Avoid.
Tom - Wollongong

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