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a year ago
My car was involved in a car accident hit while parked after ringing qbe I was sent to maitland smash repairs,after they repaired my vehicle on way home I had a rattle when I got home I seen the grille was half hanging out so I rung my claims officer who advised me to contact maitland smash which I did to arrange for them to fix the car again.i took my vehicle back a bloke c ok me out and accussed me of damaging my own vehicle which was not fixed properly in the first place I would stay right away from this smash repairer they do dodgy work then try to blame it on the customer I'm now dealing with my claims officer to take the cat elsewhere to be repaired properly.
4 years ago
At first they took forever to even get the quote to my insurance company, so the insurance company almost cancelled the claim because it took so long. Once they started work, that also took much longer than they said, and they kept lying about when it would be ready, then blamed other people for the delay. When I finally got my car back, they'd damaged a part they'd been working near, but at first they tried to say it was coincidence and wouldn't accept responsibility. Treated me like I knew nothing. Luckily the mechanic they use was a bit easier to deal with, and he fixed it. The smash repair job was only average. The respraying doesn't quite match the rest of the car.
Harold J

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