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  • IT consulting
  • Systems & Network management
  • Business IT Support
  • Networking
  • IT consulting


  • Hosted business servers
  • Hosted virtual desktops
  • Online backup
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  • Cloud computing
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  • MCP
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  • Cloud computing
  • Virtualization
  • Terminal services
  • Networking

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MageData is a Byron Bay computer networking and website design business. Our business was established to deliver computing solutions that cater to the unique challenges of regional and remote areas of Australia. MageData founders were talented professionals who left city life to go back to the bush. Realising that country people put up with a standard of IT that city people would pale at, we started thinking outside the box to find ways and means to lift that standard, so people could do business without sacrificing lifestyle. Our first office was a stone cottage near the top of the Flinders Ranges In the eight years since, we’ve opened an office in Byron Bay and grown into the national, trusted name in Regional IT Solutions.

MageData provides a full suite of IT Consulting services ranging from Strategic Management to Help desk, all 100% focused on the needs of regional Australian business. To deliver the very best solutions, MageData has a diversely skilled team including Network Engineers, Systems Engineers, Software Engineers, Database Administrators and IT Managers; and works in partnership with web design firms, copywriters and online marketing consultants. Beyond your local computer shop, we’re able to provide the highest level, most complete web and IT solutions to your region.

We also believe in “Regional Australia First” with staff choosing to leave high end, corporate IT jobs in big cities in favour of delivering the same cutting edge technology in a regional setting. We understand the attraction (and the challenges) of regional living which is why we deliver such magic regional IT solutions.

MageData proudly participates in community development projects across regional Australia and in our global region under the AusAid program umbrella. We donate our time to deliver computing and communications services to communities in need. It’s part of our philosophy of helping out where we can.

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