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  • RDA Brakes-rotors drums Australia brake components
  • EBC brakes
  • Exedy clutches
  • Bendix brake pads & linings
  • Maxistop brake pads
  • Bremteck pad sensors
  • PBR brake components


  • All mechanical work carried out
  • from logbook services to engine replacements
  • Trailer & caravans accommodated
  • Brake & clutch parts sale to both trade & retail
  • Full mechanical workshop facilities for all repairs & servicing
  • Log book - warranty safe servicing
  • Free car brake check available
  • All brake & clutch repairs & replacements
  • Clutch kit sales
  • All general mechanical repairs & servicing
  • Vehicle tune ups
  • Electronic diagnoses
  • Flywheel machining
  • Disc & drum machining both on & off car
  • All work carries full warranty on both parts & labour
  • Supplying both trade & retail customers
  • We can supply brakes for most makes & models of vehicles

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  • IAME 00871616
  • Licence # 2444 203601 113219
  • MVRL35796
  • ABN 36 088 125 508


  • Disc & drum machining
  • Flywheel machining

About Macquarie Brake & Automotive Services

Macquarie Brake & Automotive Services provide general mechanical work and repairs to the Port Macquarie region, specialising in brake and

Macquarie Brake & Automotive Services provide general mechanical work and repairs to the Port Macquarie region, specialising in brake and clutch services. Regular servicing ensures the longevity of your vehicle, particularly your brakes.

Our expert Port Macquarie mechanics provide logbook servicing for new cars and older models. We carry out oil, power steering fluid, coolant and filter changes, using quality products for maximum reliability.

Our Port Macquarie brake service package includes disc and drum machining, as well as brake pad lining and hydraulic kit replacements. We are the sole distributor of RDA brakes in Port Macquarie and we also distribute EBC brake pads and stock Bendix brake pads. Our business is the only in-house brake rebounder in Port Macquarie.

Our clutch services include repairs, rebuilding, flywheel grinding and clutch plate relining. We carry out clutch repair work on passenger cars, utes and vans. We are a premium distributor for Exedy clutches, and we have a range of hydraulics in stock.

Macquarie Brake & Automotive Services is one of the oldest Port Macquarie mechanical businesses. We have continued to expand our business to include exclusive products unavailable anywhere else in the region, which is a testament to our skills and knowledge. Next time you need mechanical work on your car, be sure to call us first for superior service.