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FAQs about Mackies Air Conditioning, Refrigeration & Solar Power

Cool Room Builders

  • What type of Cool room or Freezer room do I need?

    Every single business is different and has individual needs. A lot depends on the type, size and volume of product that you need to keep cold. There are a number of key considerations based around the type of product, and the ideal temperature and humidity conditions for that product. Our experienced team of Cool room and Freezer room designers can tailor a room to suit your specific requirements.

  • What sizes do Cool room and Freezer rooms come in?

    There is virtually no limit to the available sizes in Cool rooms and Freezer rooms. Supermarkets, Restaurants, Cafe's and Bars all have very different size requirements depending on type, physical size, and volume of product needing to be kept cool.

  • Can I use any kind of shelving in my Cool room Freezer room?

    In a word, no. There is a range of shelving options available that meet both Australian Standards and Health Dept. regulations. Each type of shelving is designed to maximise your available storage for specific products, while at the same time allowing for proper cool air circulation to keep your product at ideal conditions.

  • What sort of doors should I have on my Cool room or Freezer room?

    Depending on the functionality and use of your room, you may need hinged, or sliding doors, glass door inserts, or large high doors that forklifts can drive in and out of. We can offer options to suit your requirements.

Refrigeration—Commercial & Industrial

  • The temperature in my commercial fridge is rising, how long until my product starts to spoil?

    Difficult to say, depending on the type of produce, the temperature of the day etc. However, there are a couple of things you can do to minimise the damage. The moment you notice an unusual rise in temperature, give Mackies a call so we can organise a technician to attend. Then move the stock out of the malfunctioning fridge/freezer to a working one if you can.

  • Our Cool room or Freezer room door gets open and shut all day. How can I minimise the impact of this on my electricity bill?

    One of the best ways to minimise the loss of cold air and reduce energy bills is to install air curtains or plastic strip curtains. These minimise the cold air escaping and warm air entering your room. The installation of door alarms and red lights can alert staff that the door is open, and help them to remember to shut the door.

  • Do I ever need to get my commercial refrigeration system cleaned?

    In a word yes. Why, not only will regular cleaning ensure that you comply with stringent Dept. Health guidelines, it will also ensure you are enjoying the lowest possible running costs. This should only be done by professional refrigeration technicians.

  • Do I need to service my commercial refrigeration system?

    Let me ask, do you service your car? Regular, scheduled maintenance is critical to ensuring you meet health requirements, minimise energy costs, and minimise malfunctions that can occur due to lack of regular servicing. We like to think of regular maintenance as a smart investment!

Air Conditioning Home

  • What is the best Air Conditioner?

    Even though every company probably says that their Air Conditioner is the "best" a more accurate answer would be that there are a number of good Air Conditioning products available. What is best for you will depend on your particular situation, for example, if anyone suffers from allergies, the size of the area to be Air Conditioned, and so-on. Mackies experienced A/C consultants can help.

  • How long should Air Conditioners last?

    With regular maintenance, your Air Conditioner could last around 12-15 years. However, this also depends on the environment where you live. If you live near salt water for example, and without additional corrosion protection, this can shorten the working life of your system dramatically.

  • Do Air Conditioners need regular servicing?

    We service our cars to keep them in good working order, don't we? It is also a good idea to service your Air Conditioner too. Fortunately Air Conditioners do not need as much maintenance as a car. Regular filter cleaning, which you can do yourself every couple of months (depending on usage) and once a year full service check by a qualified Air Conditioning mechanic is usually sufficient.

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  • Daikin
  • Hitachi
  • Air conditioning systems
  • SMA
  • Suntech
  • Solar panels
  • Dorma
  • Automatic doors
  • Stiebel Eltron
  • Apricus


  • Domestic air conditioning installations & repairs
  • Solar grid connections for stand-alone & hybrid systems
  • Service & supply of commercial catering equipment
  • Maintenance & installation of automatic door systems

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  • Refrigeration Licence No. AU 12133
  • Electrical Licence No. EC34900
  • Clean Energy Council Licence No. A9705252
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  • Established in 1953

About Mackies Air Conditioning, Refrigeration & Solar Power

Find your ideal Air Conditioning system, get your current system serviced, or repaired, or discover the many benefits of

Find your ideal Air Conditioning system, get your current system serviced, or repaired, or discover the many benefits of Solar Power with Mackies.

We pride ourselves on being customer focused, ensuring superior workmanship, and thoughtful solutions for Air Conditioning, and Solar Systems.

Mackies can also provide Commercial Refrigeration and Electrical, as well as supply, installation, and service, of Commercial Automatic Door systems.

Our comprehensive range products and services has kept the Mid North Coast comfortable since our establishment in 1953.

Mackies services include Domestic and Commercial Air Conditioning installations, maintenance, and service; all kinds of Solar Power solutions including stand-alone, hybrid Solar Power solutions, Solar Storage Battery installations, Commercial Refrigeration service and equipment, as well as supply, installation and service of Automatic Door systems.

Offering only the latest in energy saving technology and innovative solutions, you can rest assured knowing you are not only saving the environment, you are also winning on the long-term running costs as well.

You can feel confident that Mackies selected range of quality products is sourced from respected internationally acclaimed brands, such as Daikin, Hitachi, Stiebel Eltron, Apricus, SMA, Suntech and Dorma.

Our dedicated and experienced trade and technical staff, are accredited and trained for installing and servicing many types of systems.

With Mackies range of quality services spanning Air Conditioning, Commercial Electrical and Refrigeration, as well as all types of Solar Power installations, we are confident we have a solution to fit most lifestyles and budgets for everyone living on the beautiful Mid North Coast.

Any questions, or if we can help in any way, please feel free to contact our Taree team today, we are here to help.

Mackies have been proudly serving the Mid North Coast since 1953.