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Diesel Experts

8 months ago
ke to thank these guys for the engine rebuild they performed 3 years ago on my 1HZ mod to turbo nothing but spot on, they really no there diesels. Like to thank for the USB album with photos and mini videos clips of the rebuild. Thanks for looking after me in the servicing and my D4D advising me were to go to get tuned with the 2 top tuners took your advise in seeing the 2 top blokes in Mackay to make a choice of what would suit. Also like to thank the stuff overall a honest company.
Jay Ray - Airlie Beach, QLD
9 months ago
Thanks for the great job on van, it's best it has ever run. Great work and a good price too.
Michael Simpson - Mackay, QLD

Owner's Response

I’m glad MDC team help you out and your van is up and running. Hope to see you in the future with our Diesel Care Service. 😉
Business Owner 19.11.2019


3 years ago
If you need a diesel specialist honest fast and to the point then see these guys.
BJ Nate - Australia

Owner's Response

Than you for your recommendation.
Business Owner 19.11.2019

Great staff

3 years ago
Extremely reasonably priced and always willing to help you out
Edward - Mackay

Owner's Response

Was an honour to help you out, we are happy you like our MDC service.
Business Owner 19.11.2019

Bad Experience

8 months ago
I took my vehicle here to diagnose a problem they found diesel in the oil instead of doing an oil change and finding the problem they told me to drive it like this for 1,000 km.I took it back to them not happy with that advice I told them to do a oil & filter change. The motor blew up 45km after this they told me to bring it back to them so I did and then they wanted nothing to do with it and told me to take it to another mechanic. So I did the next mechanic took the oil filter out and it was absolutely full of metal. Which means catastrophic engine failure from lack of lubrication. All up it cost me over $14,000 I had to get a second hand motor. Being that they are the Diesel injection specialist you would think they would have a better way of diagnosing a diesel leak.
Luke S - Glenella, QLD

Owner's Response

Hi Luke.S - 6/12/2018 You came into MDC to complete a Computer OBD Engine Health check known as DTC Live data Diagnoses with report due to you stating that sometimes the vehicle seemed to have a slight surge. A Engine Health Check is a Diagnosis via OBD SCAN TOOL, We did Just that, but the MECH decided to check to see if engine oil was on level or over flowed which we always check when a vehicle comes in to MDC, which could possibly cause issue like surging or even damaging your turbo but due to no signs of WHITE/BLACK or BLUISH smoke visible we eliminated fuel oil mixture & We removed the oil approx. 1-2ltrs so it would not damage the turbo which could of also cause engine failure, by removing the access oil which we thought could of possibly been overfilled from last service, also inspected the oil thickness which was not runny, if it was runny we would of recommended to do an oil sample, but due to not being runny & funds therefore we asked you to drive 1-2 weeks and come back in to check the oil dip stick level, oil was still on level on dipstick, so we asked you to drive 1000klm and come back which you did Still in level on dip stick had not risen what’s so ever and completed another DTC No Codes Visible test run not surging visible, if there was a fuel mixture with oil would of risen and bluish smoke would of been visible as a matter of fact VERY VISIBLE. (When MDC ask the QUESTION: How was the vehicle Proceeding & if there were any changes like SMOKE, LOSS OF POWER or EVEN SURGING ………… YOU advised MDC as per your own written statement YOU HAD NO COMPLAINTS & ANY ISSUES SEEMED TO BE RESOLVED) powerful words written by Luke.S *The Cause of the problem was caused by you, not doing regular services & by not doing a regular service it caused the pickup being blocked, by the dislodge of sludge causing the oil pump pick up or relief valve not working causing blockage and oil not reaching to the top of the head accordingly to engine manufacture spec or the oil cooler issue which is common so the result oil pump seized caused metal particles and damaged your engine. SO, MY ADVICE TO YOU or anyone reading this comment, IS DO REGULAR SERVICES and don't blame the innocent. (REPORT has been provided at MDC for anyone that wants to have a look at it). MDC is FULLY IOS meaning we have high tech program that live Photo imaging/mini Video clips is taken on the jobs carried out automatically sent via wifi to your own personal file for life, this system has been in place for over 5 years due to consumer dishonesty. Thanks MDC TEAM MANGER
Business Owner 02.12.2019

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