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About Life Change Hypnotherapy

7 Reasons to use Life Change Hypnotherapy

1. Free initial chat. You can discuss your situation and needs with me over

7 Reasons to use Life Change Hypnotherapy

1. Free initial chat. You can discuss your situation and needs with me over the phone for 10 - 15 minutes and see if you feel comfortable.

2. Different approach. Experience holistic Hypnotherapy. Based on your needs, I uniquely integrate clinical hypnosis, positive psychology, mindfulness practices, career/life counselling, brief psychotherapy and empowering psychoeducation to better assist you. Seeing me is different to seeing a psychologist or other hypnotherapists.

3. Different focus. I don't just treat problems... I uncover your strengths. I focus on you as a human being with a deep untapped potential for happiness and health... and an in-born need for meaning - or to be heroic - in life. A key foundation of my work is positive psychology, which is really the science of happiness, health, and heroism (living a meaningful life).

4. Qualifications. Master degree qualified career/life counsellor. Trained in clinical hypnotherapy and strategic psychotherapy with Clinical Psychologist, Dr Michael Yapko, one of the world's leading experts in these fields. Professional Member of the Australian Society of Clinical Hypnotherapists (ASCH) and the Career Development Association of Australia (CDAA).

5. Supportive technologies - free MP3's, HeartMath bio-feedback technology, online assessments & Hemi-Sync. You can receive a MP3 recording of your hypnosis session for multiple self-hypnosis home sessions so as to amplify your changes. If desired, you can access a range of online assessments (personality, strengths, career direction) to provide more input into your session at no extra charge. To assist some clients in reaching deeper trance/meditative states I also use carefully selected Hemi-Sync background sound tracks.

6. Ethics. Like a lot of wonderful people in the helping professions, money is not my main motivator. I put this into action with my "no unsatisfied clients = your peace of mind" policy. If, somehow, you are not satisfied with the results after a week or two, email me and you can receive either a refund or a complimentary session! Your choice.

7. Value. To keep this service accessible to as many people as possible, I keep my fees at the lowest level compatible with providing a high level professional service.

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