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  • 24-hr service


  • Large tree removal
  • Large palm removal
  • Pruning
  • Tree climbing
  • Tree cutting
  • Tree assessment
  • Tree reports
  • Stump grinding
  • Chipping of cuttings


  • Crane truck
  • Tip and chip trucks
  • Wood chipper
  • Stump grinding
  • Tree assessment


Fully qualified arborists
Fully qualified tree climbers
Associate diploma in horticulture

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Whether you need your trees pruned or removed, Lennox Head Tree Care can handle it.

Our experienced arborists can handle everything from palm removal, to tree assessments and reports, to stump grinding. We have all the machinery for speedy wood chipping at our disposal and climbing trees to cut off potentially hazardous branches is no sweat for our team.

Whatever the size of the tree, Lennox Head Tree Care is confident we can control or remove it. We use a heavy-duty crane truck to lift away fallen trunks and are happy to clear away all green waste and debris in our tip trucks.

Stumps are not just ugly; they can serve as a breeding ground for pests and root diseases that can harm the rest of your garden.

The qualified arborists at Lennox Head Tree Care can diagnose and inject treatments for most species. We also provide emergency tree removal after storms or inclement weather.

Tame your trees with Lennox Head Tree Care and give us a call today.
Reviews ( 2 )


3 years ago
Have used Lennox Head Tree Care before and I will keep using their services as they are committed to care for the trees. They did a great job pruning all the palm trees in time for summer. They are prompt and professional and clean up after they have finished. Would recommend.
Sally - Northern Rivers

Free Quote

3 years ago
Had a few large trees that needed to be removed before they fell into the neighbours yard. The team at Lennox Head Tree Care came out and gave us a free quote. Prices were reasonable and affordable. The trees were cut with great care using the safest way possible. They did a great job. Will recommend.
- Northern Rivers