Le Roy Peggy–French Tutor

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  • Private French lessons for 1 or 2 persons at a time
  • Lessons at my home or yours (Peregian Springs area)
  • Beginner to intermediate level

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About Le Roy Peggy–French Tutor

I'm coming from France, from La Bretagne.
I would like to give the chance to some teenagers and some adults to

I'm coming from France, from La Bretagne.
I would like to give the chance to some teenagers and some adults to fall in love with languages and give them a great opportunity to discover this beautiful language.

Lessons are beginner and intermediate level. My way of my teaching (using different tools) will give to the student more confidence when he comes across some situations like travelling overseas or meeting some French travellers here in Australia and eventually helping them to be au pair in France or visiting relatives, friends.

My goal is for the student to be able to read the French alphabet, greeting and asking how people are, pronunciation/excellent reading, gender differences, forms to address including tu or vous as well as knowing numbers from 0 to 100/1000/10 000.

Students will also be taught asking about where others live, come from, their age, studies or professions as well as negative and positive sentences including ne... pas and auxiliaire ETRE et AVOIR.

Students are also taught the most common verbs, faire, aller, manger... and tenses: present, imparfait and future, passé compose, what to say in a shop or public area like train station, common situation when you travel overseas and how to ask for different things, or buy tickets or food to the market.

They will also learn filling out some forms, agreeing/disagreeing, the culture in France, vocabulary like body parts, colours, days of the week, months of the year, time, animals, fruits and vegetables, transports, shops, directions, family members and prepositions, adjectives, adverbs, masculine and feminin, grammar.
Listening well known nursery rhymes( frère Jacques), French songs...

Learning in a relaxing and fun atmosphere.
Happy learning.


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