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A must see

3 years ago
The Koala Hospital is such an interesting place to visit. You can see the structure where they check injured koalas and the permanet koala residents that cannot go back to the wild. They also have a big areas of koalas you cannot see cause they are in rehabilitation. At 3pm they offer a free tour and give you info about koala and how they take care about koalas. Very interesting. You can also adopt a koala which i think is very helpful for these passionate people that help koalas for free. It is a great learning experience and eye opener into rehabilitation for koalas. A must see
Eleonora - Port Macquarie

definately worth the visit

3 years ago
The initiative at the Koala Hospital is just great. I think people forget that koalas do get hurt and sick, so they do need to be taken care of. Koala hospital cures the injured animals and sets them free again ( if that allows their medical condition). We loved to see those beautiful creatures recovering from a very close distance. Support koala hospital with a donation! Definately worth a visit when in the area and a donation always helps also.
Dalia - Port Macquarie

This Hospital is a must on visitors itinerary.

3 years ago
The Koala Hospital is worth a visit. They also rely on donations so please please Donate to help these saints of volunteers who care for these iconic creatures. I recommend the 3pm informative talk and tour and feed the Koalas. The gift shop was very worth the visit. Walked away with several great T Shirts This Hospital is a must on visitors itinerary.
Debra - Port Macquarie

volunteers were so kind

3 years ago
We went to the Koala Hospital at 3pm and there was a guided tour and we were lucky enough to see the koalas being fed. The volunteers were so kind and told us all the back stories of each koala in the hospital. They also told us about how to keep the koalas safe especially on the roads. Such a great outing and so glad we went to experience this
Silvia - Port Macquarie

Wonderful little place. You can get up close to the Koala's.

3 years ago
The Koala Hospital is a wonderful little place. You can get up close to the Koala's. The staff were great. Great for the kids to learn as well which is always an added bonus.
Erin - Port Macquarie

koalas are adorable

3 years ago
I love the Koala Hospital as I get to see lots of cuddly koalas up close. Most are sick but still adorable to look at. Good visitor info, small gift shop and a 1min walk to historic Roto House. Great outing for tourists and locals
Andy - Port Macquarie

highly recommend visiting

3 years ago
We went to visit the Koala Hospital on the 2.1.2017 . We did a tour and whilst on the tour we discovered there was a koala named ' Ocean Summer ' My grandaughters name is Summer so we decided to adopt the beautiful Ocean Summer. $50 a year is nothing even close to the medicine and food required to care for her. The lovely staff are all volunteers and so compassionate and caring. We highly recommend visiting and if possible adopting a koala to help with the financial burden to rescue and care for the injured koalas that sadly cannot be released due to permanent injuries. Such an eye opening outing
Lee - Port Macquarie

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