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Kennedys Electrical–Spare Parts Reviews (6)

Helpful and knowledgable

a month ago
We use Kennedy's Parts regularly and they are extremely helpful in finding parts appropriate for our use. They diagnose over the phone and ring when parts arrive. Quick and easy. Love it!
Helen - Cairns QLD

Online stock availability enquiry.

3 months ago
Response to my enquiry was prompt and accurate which provided me with the information I needed to make a purchase or replace decision on one of my home appliances. 5's Kennedy Spare Parts Dept.
Kirk Kruger - Cairns QLD
7 months ago
Great service. Service department lady J was so friendly and professional. Service men today, were great and I can now finish a load of washing in the time the machine says it will complete. Keep up the great work.
Tania - Edmonton QLD

The best customer service

8 months ago
I have used Kennedys to repair my washing machine and dishwasher with fast efficient friendly service both times. But I was prompted to review when I called in today with my vacuum cleaner. They were happy to assist me change the battery on my Dyson when I couldnt remove the screws. They did this on the spot and gave useful advice n how to charge a new battery - and didnt charge me. Fabulous customer often hard to find these days!
Catherine McWatters - Cairns QLD
2 years ago
Great experience dealing with Kennedys. From my first contact with Gia to the early arrival of the service tech, couldn't fault them. Thank you
Karen Mcpherson - Robina QLD

Kennedy's repair

3 years ago
I was once robbed at gunpoint in a Mexican jungle. The thieves told me they would take all my possessions, march me deeper into the jungle, then decide what to do with me. After twenty minutes walking with a pistol stuck in my lower back, they pushed me down and began arguing with each other in a language I could not understand. Eventually they told me they had decided to let me go. They were going to leave in one direction and I should wait an hour then go in the other. It was a terrifying experience but at least my attackers had been honest with me throughout it, which is a lot more than I can say for dealing with Kennedy's. When I left an appliance with them, they told me they would work on it and call me within a week. Seven weeks later, I was still without my appliance and calling them for the ninth time. Each of these calls was answered with the same 'why must you bother us? Can't you just let us sit around here doing jack all in peace?' tone of voice and attitude. They would then give me a slew of excuses followed by two promises: to actually do some work and to let me know about it. They never kept either promise. Eventually, it wasn't just me who got sick of their excuses. Vax, the manufacturers of my appliance and the people paying for the repair as it was under warranty, were so embarrassed by Kennedy's that they sent me a brand new appliance free of charge. Imagine that! Kennedy's were so useless that Vax was prepared not only to give me a free product but to have it express shipped interstate in a bulky, metere-and-a-half long box. That's a special kind of uselessness. They do have free fruit Mentos on the counter, good lollies with which I compensated myself for their atrocious service. But please take my advice. Save yourself two months of frustration: buy your lollies in a shop and take your appliances anywhere other than Kennedy's.Cia
Andy - Cairns


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About Kennedys Electrical–Spare Parts

Is your washing machine banging and clanging? Perhaps your fridge isn’t keeping cool? Don’t put up with appliance problems, call Kennedys Electrical–Spare Parts & Service in Cairns.

Once called our repairmen can come to you to inspect the appliance and see what could be causing the issues with your machine. From there we will diagnose whether we can fix it on the spot, or if it will require further repairs or spare parts fitting at our workshop.

Our expert team offer fast, efficient, and reliable repairs to most household appliances. We also offer spare parts, servicing, and installation services on all appliances we sell.

With more than 80 years in the electrical goods business you can count on our team to offer comprehensive advice, and prompt repairs.

Remember the name Kennedys Electrical–Spare Parts & Service when you’re having appliance problems in Cairns.


Newest review for Kennedys Electrical–Spare Parts

Helen - Cairns QLD
a month ago

Helpful and knowledgable

We use Kennedy's Parts regularly and they are extremely helpful in finding parts appropriate for our use. They diagnose over the phone and ring when parts arrive. Quick and easy. Love it!

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