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Response to "equipment maintenance" review.

3 years ago
My response is that I believe there would be much more to this story than what has been said. I have been working for Keith for 5 years and only known this company to be honorable with its business dealings. Keith bends over backwards to accommodate any customers complaints. Had he directly contacted Keith I believe this issue would have been sorted. With it being anonymous it is hard to contact this person to review the situation which is normally what would be our next move.
Jennifer Slatter - Ashmore

Equipment Maintenace

4 years ago
I went into this store over 12 months ago to get 2 of my machines repaired. When I collected the equipment, I didn't check if they were fixed. I just took them and paid for them as if they had been. When I returned to my office and teated them 4 days later, they weren't working so I called and asked them to have them relooked at. Same thing happened. I took their word that it was fixed and went back to the office to use the machine and they didn't work. Again. Keith wouldn't return my phone calls, fix the product or give a refund for a job he didn't complete. Might I add the cost to "fix" the issue nearly cost more then the machinery itself! It's been bothering me for a long time and other people should know it was a terrible experience and I would not recommend this company.
Anon - Gold coast

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  • 24 Hour Service
  • Repairs & Service of all Commercial Kitchen Equipment
  • Drop Off Workshop Repair Service

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