Kauri Fernie Concreting

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Where is Kauri Fernie Concreting

Maryborough QLD 4650

FAQs about Kauri Fernie Concreting

Concrete Repairs & Treatment

  • What areas does Kauri Fernie Concreting work in?

    As a team we are based in Maryborough QLD. Servicing all over the Fraser Coast and as far as Gympie Regions. Our main goal is to grow our business thoroughly to provide services all over Queensland.

  • How is Kauri Fernie Concreting different from its competitor?

    If you're searching for a friendly and reliable source for all of your concreting needs, look no further than Kauri Fernie Concreting. Compared to our competitors our aim is to provide only the best service with outstanding results. We take the time to plan a concise schedule and product based entirely on what our clients want.

  • How can kauri Fernie Concreting help you?

    Whether you're looking for a suitable contractor for a small or large job, Kauri Fernie Concreting is at your service. We specialise in Garden Shed and Small Shed Slabs, Water Tank Slabs. As well as Driveways, Pathways, External Footings and Concrete Drainage.


  • Concrete Contractor
  • Garden Shed and Small Shed Slabs
  • Water Tank Slabs
  • Driveways and Pathways
  • External Footings
  • Concrete Drainage

Ways to Pay

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