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Just Janis Hair - Spiroll Heated Rollers

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About Just Janis Hair - Spiroll Heated Rollers

Welcome to Just Janis Hair - Spiroll Heated Rollers, where hairstyling services for women and men is a cut above the rest with all facets of hair stylinging with natural botanical colours included in a lovely private setting. Spiroll curling innovation meets effortless style! Our Spiroll Heated Rollers and Curling Cones are the game-changers you've been waiting for. Say goodbye to ordinary curls and embrace a world of diversified beauty. With our snap-on clips, the possibilities are endless – create an array of curl types with a simple twist. Plus, our quick application time of just fifteen minutes means you'll have ample time to perfect your makeup while the magic happens. Once cooled, unleash your stunning curls and let your imagination run wild. Spiroll works its wonders on any hair length, ensuring everyone can enjoy fabulous curls. So, get ready to elevate your style effortlessly with Spiroll – because your hair deserves nothing less.


  • Spiroll Heated Rollers

  • Natural hair and skin care

  • Botanical based hair colours

  • Natural hair lightener


  • Spiroll Curling Cone Styling

  • Long-Lasting Curls

  • Damage-Free Styling

  • Versatile Hair Length Compatibility

  • Personalized Styling Tips

  • All facets of hair styling for men and women

  • Colours foils streaks perming style cutting


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36 Ebony Street, Redlynch QLD

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  • ABN: 75 807 820 652

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes the Spiroll curling cone unique?

The Spiroll curling cone's unique cone-shaped design allows for natural-looking curls of differing sizes and shapes, mimicking the texture of naturally curly hair. It offers versatility in styling, with the ability to create soft, small curls near the roots and larger, curlier curls towards the ends. The enclosed clip sets the curl and keeps it in place, ensuring longer-lasting results.

Does the Spiroll curling cone cause hair damage?

No, the Spiroll curling cone is designed to minimize hair damage. Losing the hair around the cone and allowing it to cool naturally requires less heat than traditional heated rollers or curling irons. This reduces stress and dryness, resulting in shinier, undamaged, and softer curls.

Just Janis Hair - Spiroll Heated Rollers