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5 years ago
I called on 15.2.16 to check what time they are closing. I have been told at 5:30pm. So I left my work earlier just to make it before they close. I arrive there before 5pm and I have been told they can't take me as they have one booking. I couldn't understand that as they have been two girls there doing nothing. So I asked if I can wait there and they told me not to. I could see they cleaned place up and just didn't want to do it again. 15 mins later I passes the shop again and of course no any customer been there. So I asked and they told me the customer didn't show up and I asked why I couldn't wait if they wouldn't show up and they told me they never let people to wait there. No matter any other time I have been waiting there. POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE ACTUALLY NO CUSTOMER SERVICE AT ALL. I asked if I can leave feedback somewhere and they told me I can't. ...I just wanted give them one more chance after last time when I walked in and they told me to come back in 15mins. There have been

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