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Where is Jodie Persovic

Noosa Holisitic Health35 Mary SNoosaville QLD 4566
28 Mountain StPomona QLD 4568
Nutrition Means Clinic3 Station StPomona QLD 4568
Jodie Persovic28 Mountain StPomona QLD 4568


  • - Metagenics
  • MediHerb and other select practitioner range products
  • - Prescription herbal formulations: dispensed from MediHerb tinctures
  • - Personalised weight loss programs:
  • - Detox programs: nutrition and herbal medicine to support detoxification


  • Dietitian | Nutritionist | Naturopath | Herbal Medicine

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  • DAA (Dietitian's Association of Australia)
  • ATMS (Australian Traditional-Medicine Society)
  • ABN: 97576763240
  • ABN 97 576 763 240


  • - Insulin Resistance: Diabetes and Metabolic syndrome
  • - Weight Loss: Personalised plans for fat loss
  • - Mood & Energy: Emotional Eating, Sugar cravings, Adrenal exhaustion
  • - Food Intolerance: (RPAH Elimination Diet) Skin Problems, Migraines, Aches & Pains, Gut Upset
  • - Gut Health: IBS, Constipation, Bloating, Diarrhoea, SIBO, low FODMAP
  • - Cardiovascular Health: High Cholesterol, Blood Pressure
  • - Specialised Diets: understanding GAPS, elimination diets for allergy and other issues
  • - Hormonal Issues: PCOS, Fibroids, Menstrual and Menopause problems
  • - Immune Support: Autoimmune conditions, building immunity, viral/bacterial conditions

About Jodie Persovic

As a Dietitian, Naturopath and Herbalist I consult with clients locally and further afield via phone and online. With extensive

As a Dietitian, Naturopath and Herbalist I consult with clients locally and further afield via phone and online. With extensive training in the nutrition and natural health fields, I have been involved in the health industry for over 20 years.

I combine a range of therapies, including dietary assessment, food as medicine, herbal medicine and lifestyle adaptions, focusing on the health, vitality and healing potential of my clients. I also use Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA): a scientifically validated test providing detailed information on body composition (body fat, muscle and fluid) and cellular health.

With a compassionate ear and professional advice I've assisted hundreds of clients on their path to recovery and wellness. My experience includes:

- Weight Loss: Improving body composition (fat loss)
- Thyroid Disorders: Hypothyroid, Subclinical hypothyroid, Hyperthyroid
- Insulin Resistance: Diabetes, Metabolic syndrome, Sugar cravings
- Chronic Health Conditions: Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, Adrenal Health
- Food Intolerance: Skin problems, Migraines, Aches and pains, Acne
- Gut Health: Irritable Bowel Syndrome, SIBO, SIFO, Coeliac Disease
- Inflammatory Bowel Disease: Crohn's Disease, Ulcerative Colitis
- Therapeutic Diets - Plant based diets, Ketogenic diets, Food Intolerance
- Hormonal Issues: PCOS, Heavy or Painful Periods, Menopause, PMS, Infertility
- Immune Support: Autoimmune conditions, Restoring the microbiome, Viral/bacterial illness
- Urological Conditions: Urinary tract infections (UTI's), Nephritis
- Stealth Pathogens: e.g. Epstein-Barr Virus, Autoimmune conditions

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