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  • Massage
  • Yoga
  • Pilates
  • Stretching
  • Tai Chi
  • Seniors Gentle Exercise
  • Meditation Classes

Ways to Pay

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  • Diploma in Health Science – Massage Therapy
  • Qualifications in Yoga / Tai Chi / Seniors Gentle Exercise / Pilates / Posture Ball
  • Master Reiki practitioner / teacher
  • ABN 42 568 660 692


  • Individual attention in small class sessions

About Joan Newbould’s Moving to Health Studio

Do you have backache, neck discomfort, stiff painful joints or muscular aches and pains? To regain that feeling of wellbeing

Do you have backache, neck discomfort, stiff painful joints or muscular aches and pains? To regain that feeling of wellbeing and your ability to move more freely during the day and enjoy a more restful sleep at night, call Joan Newbould – Diploma Health Science (Massage Therapy) in Port Macquarie.

My aim is to inspire and motivate you to make positive lifestyle and postural changes, resulting in better physical and emotional health for you.

To help relieve muscle tension, prevent injuries, accelerate healing, lift your mood, improve your quality of sleep, increase your energy levels, decrease fatigue or depression, elevate oxygen supply to your organs, body tissue and brain, and improve your sense of wellbeing.

Massage relieves muscular and joint restrictions, stiffness, aches and pains by manipulating the affected tissue, enhancing blood flow and increasing oxygen supply and nutrients to the area, hastening recovery and enabling them to function at maximum health.

I work with and assist nature to heal, by having sound therapeutic reasons for specific treatment approaches based on professional knowledge and understanding of the condition. Massage has profound effects on the health of the person being treated.

It hastens the process of healing, improves circulation, relaxes muscles, aids digestion and stimulates the lymphatic system to speed up the elimination of waste products. These direct benefits, combined with the psychological advantage of feeling cared for, quickly produce an intense mood of wellbeing that cannot be matched by modern drugs.

With friendly encouragement, professional manipulation of soft tissue and joints, appropriate postural correction, safe stretching programs, breathing and relaxation techniques, you progress at your own pace and get your life back on track.

I provide the education needed to help achieve your desired results, and I offer holistic and comprehensive physical therapy and emotional wellbeing service including remedial therapeutic massage, deep tissue massage, stretching programs, Master Reiki therapy, Reiki Initiation attunements, meditation, Yoga, Tai Chi, Pilates, gentle exercise, posture ball.

Feeling healthy and happy is about a physical body that allows you to do the things you love, plus a mind that is clear and calm. Why not set aside just one hour for yourself to slow down and bring some balance back into your life?

To regain your health and get control of your body and mind, come to Joan's Health Clinic, it's the ideal place to overcome stress, improve your quality of life and find greater peace of mind.

Start your own path to health and wellbeing today by phoning Joan on 6581-5514 (0415 659 2620.


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