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  • Crusher bucket
  • Grader
  • Dozer
  • Water trucks
  • Full range of buckets & accessories


  • General site preparation
  • Bulk earthworks
  • Road & driveway construction
  • Backyard preparation
  • Excavation
  • Firebreak clearing
  • Pools


  • Foundation pier holes

Payment Methods


About Jeff Thompson Excavator Hire Pty Ltd

Jeff Thompson Excavator Hire provides earthmoving and excavating services to Rockhampton and surrounding areas, including Blackwater, Gladstone and Yeppoon.

We have a team of 10 experienced operators and a huge investment in serious machinery. Together they are capable of doing all the heavy lifting for your site preparation. For all your Rockhampton earthworks, our team are ready and willing.

When you call on Jeff Thompson Excavator Hire, the earth will move for you. You will have access to a skilled operator in control of a 1.7 tonne excavator or a 5 tonne excavator. They’re the babies of the fleet, strictly for smaller stuff. For a heavier hand, we have a 12 tonne model. And when the going gets tougher, we bring in our 20 tonne monster.

With Jeff Thompson, you also gain access to an entire range of buckets and a rock hammer. For your pier holes, we can supply a 300mm auger or our substantial 1200 mm implement.

We can create a firebreak for you in quick time, exactly where you’ve marked and we can really dig your swimming pool. No matter what type of Rockhampton excavation task you have, we can assist you.

To get the job done in style, we also have a tilt bucket and a rock grab. When it comes to clearing your site, these two are a sight to behold.

Call Jeff Thompson Excavator Hire and watch your driveway or road take shape before your eyes.