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17 days ago
Howard's Professional Driving School Cairns supported me through the journey in acquiring my practical drivers licence so well. My driving instructor, John and Maria in the office have been so accomodating. Maria have coped with my last-minute rescheduling of lessons without complaints or excessive fees. John have not only been able to get so much content into each lesson, but made each lesson an enjoyable and less nerve-wrecking one. 10/10 driving school.
Frida Lim - Cairns QLD


6 months ago
John taught my daughter to drive. Passed Manual licence first time. Very professional, patient and friendly. Highly recommended.
Warren - Cairns, QLD


7 months ago
Very professional and reliable driving school. Both daughters passed first go with Howard's knowledgeable and calming expertise. Would not hesitate to recommend them to first time learner drivers. Well done and keep up the fantastic work.
Kristy - Cairns, QLD

I Passed my P plate

9 months ago
Gary is an amazing driver instructor. I moved here from another driving school coz I been failing with their care are so many times and wasting so much money. Gary taught me how to focus and after 2 lessons with him I passed my Driving Practical Exams. Conquered all my Anxiety and Fears finally. Thank you so much Howards Driving School
Orchid Jurys - Cairns, QLD

Best school ever!

a year ago
It was the best investment in my life. I start to drive after 40. The professional approach I get was absolutely great. They not only teach me how to drive to pass my test they raise my confidence. They teach me safe driving habits and not to panic. Thank you John (best instructor ever with big sense of humour) and Maria for my freedom! Always on time and avofordable price.
Ola Adamczyk - Cairns

Professional driving school

3 years ago
I had a very good experience with Howard driving school. If you have a problem with something then you let them know and they will get onto fixing it as soon as possible. Thankyou again for helping .
Matt - Cairns


4 years ago
Learning how to drive is a nervous experience as it is but the instructors from Howards Professional Driving Schools do a fantastic job in keeping you calm and relaxed throughout the entire process. You learn so much from them in such a short amount of time.
Sim - Cairns

Awesome guys

4 years ago
Thank you to the team at Howards for looking after my daughters as they take the step to learning how to drive. I have found this company to be professional and very patient with my girls. They love their driving and it comes down to being shown properly by nice, caring and educated instructors. Thanks again. I highly recommend this company.
Maxine - Cairns

A driving school I would 100% recommend

5 years ago
I have lived in cairns for 4 years and prior to that I lived in the UK. I wanted to drive ever since I was young however, had an extremely bad experience with a driving instructor back in the UK that caused me to become so scared of driving, it took me almost 10 years to get back in the driving seat. After falling pregnant earlier this year, I was determined to pass so took my time choosing what I felt had to be the best driving company for my needs. After much time and many hours on the phone spent going through almost every driving school in Cairns I finally picked one that I thought sounded the best 'Howard's'. I explained my previous experiences with driving and I was soon introduced to my driving instructor (Paul). Paul was so patient with me but had that nice balance to push me to what he thought I was capable of. Paul's encouragement through out my lessons not only put me at ease but gave me the confidence behind the wheel that I had lacked so many years ago. I was extremely ne
Teresa - Cairns

Happy Leaner Driver!!

5 years ago
I met with Paul, no previous driving experience, sweaty palms, high anxiety and mature aged. I had no real intentions of actually driving on my first lesson because I was so scared. But within 10 mins he had me driving. He has been fantastic! No pressure just solid encouragement. Now learning to drive is an exciting experience, one which I look forward to every lesson. Never thought id see the day! Thanks for your on going support!
Keah Milne - Cairns

happy customer

4 years ago
I used Howards when i was younger getting my license and had a few lessons with them, found them very helpful, and many handy tricks to which i still use today :)
Lis - Cairns

Mari review

5 years ago
My name is Mari Anderson and I have just completed my second driving lesson with your instructor Mark. I would like to voice my concerns as to Marks manner of instruction which I find to be very negative. I feel as a young learner driver I need to someone to help boost my confidence, not be a negative influence. I also feel that I am not being given a chance to learn basic pedal skills as Mark is continually using his pedals even when I am just taking off and he uses his accelerator most of the time, even going as far as to tell me to take my foot of the pedal and just steer. How am I meant to learn to drive this way? In my opinion it is also unnecessary to put his hand over mine when changing gears, especially when he was telling me that I was in the wrong gear (I wasn't). I asked if we could go out on a more open road and Mark agreed, but after making a couple of errors he laughed and said something along the lines of "and you wanted to go out on the open road". This, to me,
Mari Anderson - Cairns

Owner's Response

Hi Mari, Thanks for the feed back albeit negative but unless we are aware of any issues, we can't fix them, so thanks for letting us know your thoughts. Safety is our number one priority for our learners, that's why we have dual controls by law. The use of dual controls will help the learner reduce frustration of repeated stalls resulting in lack of confidence, we often use our controls in this way and slowly ween the learner off any assistance. Sometimes trainers can become engrossed in the safety aspect, but by doing it this way will get the learner driving further afield sooner so as to focus on other driving skills. We all have different personalities as do our learners, we try to present our training in a way that can be comprehended with ease without being taken the wrong way, sometime a humourous approach to errors will take away the frustration and embarrassment of those errors which results in loss of confidence, we then take a serious approach to addressing the errors. It's our aim to have you driving safe and legal , we won't just take you into busy traffic until Your safe, after all when you drive with your supervisor, mum, dad, whoever, you are in full control, remember they have no dual controls. I personally have had students with no mannual experience and have had them up to speed in a very short time, one girl had 24 lessons with another school and failed her test 5 times, may have been 6, she came to us, did 4 lessons and past her test the first time. You would be surprised how many students we get that have come to us from other schools because they are not happy for a variety of reasons, we conduct over 100 lessons every week without any problems of this nature, but as I said, we are all different. I am happy to take you on a complimentary drive to help your learning experience. Good luck with your driving and clocking up those 100 hours, feel free to call me direct anytime, Kind Regards, Paul , Howards Professional Driving School 0418774706
Business Owner 28.09.2015

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