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About Hollywood External Cleaning

Ever gone outside, looked at the dirty exterior of your house and felt like 'hanging down your head and crying'

Ever gone outside, looked at the dirty exterior of your house and felt like 'hanging down your head and crying' with the thought of cleaning it all?

Well, if this is ever the case, then Glen Montague of 'Hollywood External Cleaners' may be just what you are looking for.

Glen resides in Noosa, with his family, after spending many years running a very successful exterior house cleaning and water blasting business in Brisbane. He saw, here on the Sunshine Coast, a need for the skills he’d perfected cleaning the mould, dirt and heavy grime etc from the outside of the house and surrounding areas.

'Mould grows on a house, just like it does in bathrooms, because of the climate and the humidity,' he says. 'I have developed a gently hand-washing method using a special detergent and anti-mould solution together with a telescopic brush, which gently and quickly removes all mould and dirt.'

'It will not harm plants, birds or animals and will give your home back its original fresh look. Beside removing the mould, our process will kill and/or remove all parasites, spiders, eggs and webs.'

Glen’s process works on all types of house exteriors — stucco, fibrolite, brick and even aluminium cladding. Essential prior to painting, he also recommends it be done annually to give paintwork longer life and also to keep it looking good. Having worked for many painters, he has also worked with real estate agents, and knows that good presentation makes for successful sales.

Many people want their house exteriors cleaned but are suspicious of high pressure water cleaning, thinking that water blasting could chip off flakey paint. This is why Glen uses a gentle hand-washing method.

Glen can also combine water blasting with chemical cleaning to brighten concrete pathways, even buildings. He can clean all roofs, fibro, iron, tile and Colorbond for a general clean or in preparation for painting.

All mouldy paving stones, concrete paths, all types of fences, pool surrounds, pebblecrete and slippery timber decking will come up looking like new again.

He can remove unsightly oil stains from garage floors and driveways, water blasting anything from boat hulls to heavy equipment, such as Bobcats or bulldozers, etc.

Glen can clean anything from a house to a building the size of the Sheraton. Together with vast cleaning experience and top quality equipment, Hollywood External Cleaners provides free quotes and prompt, courteous and professional service.