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Harvey Norman is a nationwide furniture and electrical store. Whether you need a new computer, home entertainment system, furniture, outdoor BBQ or laundry appliance, we sell them all at very competitive rates. Read More...

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Poor customer service and scare mongering
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Came into the store with my husband and two children on the 18/09/2016 looking for a new iPad. Spoke to BJ. He advised us what iPad would best suit our needs which was great. Then it came to all the scare mongering about how all Apple iPads are being hacked and we would need to back up this product with anti virus software. My husband explained to BJ that we have had Apple iPads and phones for over 6 years and have never had any issues whatsoever with any of there products. His exact comeback to... my husband was, "DONT COME CRYING TO ME WHEN IT ALL GOES WRONG." We were quite taken back with his attitude and said to him we would think about what we both needed. BJ went elsewhere in the store. Another salesman, Shane Hart, approached us soon after to ask if we needed any help. We told him we would like to purchase an iPad Air. He then went over to his computer with my husband while I went off to find some photo paper. He then said to my husband that we would need to spend another $400.00 on Nortons anti virus software because all iPads are vunerable to cyber chrime, also another $260.00 on extended product warranty because all batteries on iPads are lucky to last a year. My husband explained that we have had Apple products for many years and that none of this was required. He was very pushy with these add ons. I arrived back to my husband and he then started on me trying the hard sell again. We both said that we would do our own research and see what we needed. He then recorded on his sale sheet that we had declined the add ons. Finally we went up to the cashier to pay for the iPad - $657.00 and the cashier said to my husband, "SO YOU AREN'T TAKING OUT THE EXTRA PRODUCT CARE." We were both disgusted with the sales tactics of the people in this store and would never set foot there again. The salesmen there are obviously on commission and have no morals as to how much money they milk out of consumers .The fact that BJ is employed by this company is pathetic. His bedside manner is appalling, his massive ego needs to be left outside the shop. CUSTOMERS DO NOT DEAL WITH THIS BUSINESS. We researched the claims that the salesmen made on the Apple forums and found both salesmen to be quite ill informed. I guess there sales quotas will be down slightly this month.   Read More...

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