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Gympie Septic Pump Outs Reviews (7)

Relieved me of a load of worry

10 months ago
Quick, professional service at a reasonable rate. Highly recommended, nice people with helpful advice.
Sammy Sparrow - Robina, QLD

Great service

10 months ago
We have used this company on several occasions and have found them to be punctual, professional and competitively priced. A very friendly and efficient service.
Brent - Veteran, QLD 4570

Above and beyond

a year ago
Thanks for going that extra mile. I know you are just a pump out service but we really appreciate you taking the extra time to investigate the problem with our trenches. You'll be getting all of our business that's for sure! If you need a pump out service, call these guys!
Brad - Veteran, QLD 4570

Reliable service

a year ago
Gympie Septic Pump Outs attended my urgent septic situation promptly and professionally. I'm sure it's not pleasant to be called out on the weekend to an urgent poo matter. I am so thankful you took the time to help. Highly recommend Gympie Septic Pump Outs to anyone needing this service. I will be sure not to wait 10 years between pump outs in the future so I don't have another unpleasant situation to deal with.
Karen White - Gympie, QLD
a year ago
Great old fashioned service. Friendly, happy and reasonable prices. Messaged Sunday, I had a call back within the hour, booked in for two days later, a telephone call on the day to confirm arrival time. Discount price for numerous services. Happy friendly staff!!!!
Sharon - Gympie, QLD

Not such a $hitty service!

3 years ago
Didn't really know who to call in the septic business but after a recommendation we called Gympie Septic Pump Outs. Fast and very efficient service. The guy was honest and dependable and very informative. Thanks for the terrific service, next time the $hitter is full, you will get the call ;)
Colin - Gympie


3 years ago
We purchased our first home over 12mths ago and just had our first experience with a septic system. We were getting some smells coming from the septic system so thought to have it investigated. Apparently our system was long overdue on being pumped and I was scared at what that might cost but pleasantly surprised it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. He did a great job, was interesting to watch. We also had them check our grey water and grease trap whilst they were here. We have had a good overhaul and smelling so much better these days. Thanks for the professional and much needed service, see you again in 12mths or so.
Tanya - Gympie


  • Septic tank cleaning
  • Grease traps
  • Treatment plants
  • Septic pump out


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About Gympie Septic Pump Outs

When it comes to procedures such as septic tank cleaning in Gympie, the service provider that you can trust to do the job well is Gympie Septic Pump Outs.

Cleaning out septic tanks and grease traps is what we do and we are always prepared to provide all kinds of septic tank cleaning services. We do our best to get the job done in the most efficient way possible.

Our team use high-quality equipment that is very effective at cleaning the systems. We also make sure that the pieces of equipment that we use are helpful in making the process efficient and that they are safe for the environment.

With more than 20 years of experience in the industry we look after your waste reduction and disposal the most environmentally friendly way. Call Gympie Septic Pump Outs today.

Newest review for Gympie Septic Pump Outs

Sammy Sparrow - Robina, QLD
10 months ago

Relieved me of a load of worry

Quick, professional service at a reasonable rate. Highly recommended, nice people with helpful advice.