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      Reviews ( 15 )

      Cool idea

      4 years ago
      Not sure what the others are complaining about. We used Gourmet Delivery in Noosa last month and found the whole experieijce more than reasonable. Some restaurants were a little on the expensive side, but we splurged out and can't fault the meals that were delivered. The entire process was easy and quick. Definitely a great service when you are stuck in the hotel due to rain.
      - Melbourne


      3 years ago
      The food wasn't bad but it's far from gourmet. The prices are rather steep. They promised 15 minute over the phone that turned out to be over 30.
      - Gold Coast

      Terrible dont use.

      2 years ago
      Our order was extremely hard to place by phone then they rang us back and did not have what we had ordered but still charged us for the dish and then we waited for nearly 2 hours and the food arrived cold. Very expensive and will never order from them again, appalling customer service. Only giving them one star because the food actually arrived but they really don't deserve any stars.
      - Gold Coast

      Terrible service - avoid!!!

      2 years ago
      Wish I had of seen these reviews before using this company. March 2017 Staying at Mantra on the Park. 6.20pm - order room service: (what sounded like) a nice seafood platter. Was told delivery will be within 1hr. 7.43pm - called for a update: it's on the way. 8.14pm - called for an update: it's 4mins away... 8.22pm - gets delivered. Paid $65. 8.25pm - get back to room, check order. Utter rubbish, cold, poor quality seafood. Called this service back - they don't care. Ask for number of restaurant to call directly 'they've closed' 2hrs after ordering the meal we were left hungry due to terrible meal and no one wanting to help. Was a horrible ending to our stay on the gold coast. Please do not use this company. They ONLY place your order when they have a driver available and not when you place your order!!!
      - Gold Coast


      2 years ago
      Arrived late to our resort and saw the Gourmet Delivery brochure. Noticed the prices were extremely high but gave it a go as we only had two to feed. The food turned up almost 2 hours after we had called and was despicable. The food had gone all watery and tasted like absolute garbage. Very dissatisfied and feel ripped off. I asked the delivery man if he had chopsticks or eating utensils and was told that they only supply if asked when ordering. What a joke and poor service. Why wouldn't they always supply eating utensils? I would suggest to everyone never to use this service. Pathetic $54 for two Thai dishes delivered. You should be ashamed for this poor service.
      - Coolangatta

      Worst food ever

      2 years ago
      My wife and I have eaten in many Chinese restaurants, and have also had lots of takeaways. We acknowledge that sometimes the restaurant isn't up to scratch, or to taste - that's life. I can honestly say, however, the $120odd delivery of last night was the worst Chinese food (The Peacock Inn) we have both ever eaten. It was very close to inedible. While we accept we took the risk (as you always do with a new service), I would very seriously recommend that you drop these people from your list of available services.
      - Gold Coast Online

      -10 Rating! Don't use Gourmet Deliveries Room Service!

      2 years ago
      Ordering ended when the operator requested for my CVV over the phone. When I explained that I was not comfortable giving that private information (to avoid fraudulent repercussions), she provided no other options, even after I explained that I had ordered a delivery earlier in the day from a local vendor who had EFTPOS capabilities to pay from my apartment door. Sue & her supervisor Melissa continued to persist that these were safe practices. My financial advisor will advise otherwise. They also prevented themselves & the restaurant from receiving $120 profit for food they could have delivered. That's ok with me!
      - Brisbane CBD


      2 years ago
      Expensive and bad quality...ordered from Burger Grill...burgers were OK...also ordered was cheap as, chips were disgraceful and the potato cakes were inedible; literally. What a complete ripoff.
      - Gold Coast

      Rude abrupt service

      3 years ago
      My order was takes by an abrupt man, who is the owner. After realising the price quoted wasn't what I was expecting, I called back to ask. Was told the prices were printed wrong, and there should be another menu with the correct price in the room. Well there probably was but how would a guest know that!! Asked to cancel the order, even ruder. Told can but it will take 4-5 days. Beware!!
      - Goals coast

      TERRIBLE! Do not use this delivery company!

      3 years ago
      After spending $140 on Pasta for myself & my family, when it was delivered, three of the main meals were incorrect & the Garlic Bread was burned. I called back to ask Gourmet Deliveries to rectify this, the operator told me they would get us another Garlic Bread but would not fix the three wrong orders as the operator I originally ordered with, had said she told me the number 8 was no longer available & the substitute would be a number 6. I spoke to a manager that told me I obviously just hadn't listened to the order when read back to me. I assured him I did listen, but was still repeatedly told they would not be rectifying the main meals. I then asked why their website wasn't available, was this so people could not make complaints about them? He proceeded to call me stupid & hung up on me. Never will I ever go through this delivery service again!
      - Gold Coast, QLD

      TERRIBLE! Do not order through company

      4 years ago
      75 minutes after ordering our food, the pizza and pasta arrived cold. If you don't want your dinner/night ruined - DO NOT ORDER THROUGH 'GOURMET DELIVERIES'! Operator including the manager are extremely rude!!! Absolutely shocking!!! The restaurant offered to make our food again (lucky we knew the owner) but 'Gourmet Deliveries' refused to do the delivery again. They also would not refund our money! This delivery company is a big SCAM!! We could not eat any of the food that we paid big money for!! Definitely not worth it!! Will be reporting to fair trading and food standards.
      - Gold Coast

      TERRIBLE! Never will use again

      4 years ago
      Used gourmet deliveries couple times the food every time was overly late but they offer restaurants other sites dont so ordered again. Last time I rang they refused to do a delivery because I was residential even though they had delivered to that address multiple times before and even though their website clearly states "Gourmet Deliveries is Queensland's premier restaurant delivery service, supplying breakfast and dinner delivery to HOMES, offices, resorts" when I rang its pretty clear this was just a husband and wife running it, and I could hear the husband in the background saying he just didn't feel like doing another delivery, well don't run a delivery service then!!! when I complained he finally said he would only do it if I was buying over $150 worth and paying cash. When I said I was buying over $150 worth but paying by card because I didn't have cash on me he refused to do the delivery. so in the end I rang for their service and they refused delivery, what sort of food delivery service is this? had bad service every single time! will never use again and don't advertise you deliver to residential if you only deliver to residential when you feel like it!
      - Gold Coast

      Ripped Off

      4 years ago
      Rang up & ordered simple rice dish (gado gado) we were told 60 min within 20 mins driver rang and said at reception. Only problem wrong hotel. Meal was a collection of bain-marie left overs including cauliflower cheese and roast spuds corn cob etc. Phoned to complain, hung up on and told no refund and restaurant said that's how they do it. Only problem no restaurant in local area by same name. No idea where food came from and rude arrogant pig headed operators of this business should be investigated by food standards personnel. Before someone gets sick and no recourse. Never again and I hope no one else gets sucked in to this low life's scam.
      - Mooloolaba


      5 years ago
      Went to order at 8:30! They say they finish taking orders at 9pm, when I called they said they had stopped. Willing to pay for over priced food, but they wouldn't even take the order. never again, Thanks for ruining dinner.
      - Southport

      Gourmet Deliveries

      5 years ago
      Had high expectations of divine Indian meal. We ordered and then waited 90 minutes for delivery, the call centre operator had taken the wrong order, we paid extortionate rates for a service which we didn't receive and food we didn't order. When we contacted Gourmet Deliveries the owner was rude, abrupt and his opening line was well be told we aren't doing anything about it and put the phone down. The food from the restaurant was good - would have been better had we got what we ordered!
      - Gold Coast