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Where is Gosford Personal Training

1/199 Gertrude StNorth Gosford NSW 2250


  • We offer a range of personal training services at our personal training studio on the Central Coast
  • specialising in tailored personal fitness programs for our clients. With multiple years of experience to our name
  • we ensure that you achieve your fitness goals in the best way possible by following the most effective methods and getting the most from your time.
  • We believe that helping someone stay fit and healthy is an achievement in itself. Being in peak physical condition ensures you are not at a higher risk of many adverse health conditions. The following is a list of the services that we provide along with the benefits you are likely to achieve:
  • One on One services
  • This package includes a trainer spending all the time concentrating on you while tailoring the sessions to your specific goals and abilities. You are the centre of attention and this ensures the most effective results with progression at your pace. You will be motivated to perform exercises along with following the right diet to gain the body you want.
  • Two on One services
  • With this service
  • you along with your partner or a friend can get fit together under the supervision of 1 trainer. This is a great way to keep each other accountable and have some healthy competition. This option can make you feel more comfortable while starting out as you motivate each other to achieve your goals.
  • Three on One services
  • This package contains a trainer monitoring you along with two other people at once. This is often chosen by friends who have similar goals and abilities. This can be a fun way to get results and catch up with a couple of friends at the same time. This is the maximum capacity of our Central Coast personal training studio.
  • Resistance Training Programs
  • This option is for people who may have enough experience or knowledge to motivate and monitor themselves safely through intense workout sessions.You may want some guidance in regards to which exercises you should be doing to achieve your specific goals most efficiently or just a new routine to keep things interesting and avoid any plateaus. Just send an email after your online purchase to let us know what is required and we will design an effective 8 week training program for you based on your needs.
  • Nutritional Advice & Meal Plans
  • Simply exercising and lifting weights isn’t enough to achieve the perfect body. This option is to compliment a resistance training program and help you achieve maximum results in the expected time period. It can also benefit people who already have a training program but need guidance with what they should be eating and when. This is always a great place to start if you’re looking at weight loss before getting started with exercise. We include the correct macronutrient split percentages and total calories that your body requires to obtain the body you want. We also take into consideration any specific requirements due to health conditions so let us know of any preferences.
  • Health Assessments & Consultations
  • This is your opportunity to meet your personal trainer and discuss your goals and diet choices. Before allowing you to enrol with our fitness programs
  • we conduct health assessments to determine if you’re in capable of training without incurring any adverse effects. Things to expect are a blood pressure check
  • a grip strength test
  • a questionnaire about your lifestyle and any current injuries or medical conditions
  • a bio-impedance body scan to determine your total weight
  • lean mass
  • body fat percentage
  • bone mass
  • water content
  • metabolic age
  • calorie requirements and your visceral rating. This is also a chance to ask any questions you may have and decide what days and times your sessions will be conducted along with the frequency and duration of those sessions.


  • Personal Training
  • functional Training

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  • Qualifications:
  • Certificate IV in Fitness
  • Certificate III in Fitness
  • Certified Boxing Instructor through PunchFit
  • Certified in Suspension Training & TRX systems
  • Certified Kettlebell Trainer through AIK
  • Certified in Battle Ropes Training through AIK
  • Pre & Postnatal qualification
  • Fitness Australia Registered Professional
  • CPR & Senior First Aid Qualifications
  • Contact Gosford Personal Training to get started…
  • ABN 23 418 818 398

About Gosford Personal Training

Gosford Personal Training was created with a mission to improve the health and fitness of people in the local community.We

Gosford Personal Training was created with a mission to improve the health and fitness of people in the local community.We always strive to build our skills and knowledge to help you with attaining the best results possible. Here are some highlights of what you are likely to experience while you undertake our training sessions and associate yourself with Gosford Personal Training for functional training at Gosford:

We dedicate our complete attention to you and ensure you achieve your fitness goals.

The best strength coach on the Central Coast with effective and proven training programs.

We ensure you keep a disciplined lifestyle so when we aren’t around, you can maintain your results successfully.

We conduct frequent health assessments and scans to keep track of your progress and goals.

Our Central Coast personal training studio uses only the highest quality equipment and has all the latest functional training tools. You will be amazed at the wide variety of implements on hand to keep things interesting.

Apart from fitness training at Gosford, we assess your health condition and provide you with appropriate diet plans for your goals.

We create a good relationship with our clients at Gosford for fitness training and conduct the sessions in a professional manner.

Unrivalled experience and expertise in HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) and functional training in Gosford.

Do you struggle to lose weight? Are you looking for a personal trainer who understands? Believe it or not, not all trainers have been fit all of their lives. Being unfit and unhealthy most of my life, I decided about 5 years ago that I wanted to look good and feel great about myself while increasing my confidence and self-esteem.

This decision lead me to succeed in my own incredible weight loss and body transformation achievement by losing a considerable amount of body fat before going on to gain a decent amount of muscle. This improvement in my health and fitness has allowed me to live a much more active and enjoyable lifestyle which I maintain with continued commitment and dedication to my diet and training.

I have heard clients complain many times about how their trainers in the past have asked them to perform exercises that their body hasn’t been able to cope with due to a lack of mobility or core stability. This usually results in the client becoming injured and reluctant to perform that exercise again which can hold them back from reaching their goals. After close assessment we can address these issues and ensurecorrect techniques with effective exercisesthat you are capable of.

I do ensure that your diet is on track to compliment the fitness programmes that I create for you. I am also a qualified pre and post natal personal trainer on the Central Coast for pregnant women. My other specialties as a Gosford personal trainer include weight loss and improved body composition, injury prevention and rehabilitation, functional training and core conditioning, increased strength and muscle growth through weight training.

I conduct all training sessions from a private central coast personal training studio located in Gosford. With my personal experience, qualifications and specific knowledge on weight training on the Central Coast, I know that together we can achieve your own health and fitness goals and be successful in your journey to a new lifestyle.