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  • The Price You See On Our Website Is What You Pay – Unfortunately, many of the camper trailer suppliers will sell you a camper trailer at one price that seems reasonable, but bill you extra to add certain things all modern camper trailers should have to begin with. These are things like a kitchen, water system, cooker system, dining table and so on.
  • After adding all these features the cost spikes up dramatically and you end up paying up to three times the amount you were initially costed.
  • At Freedom Camper Trailers we see this as dishonest, which is why we only sell camper trailers that already have everything added at no extra cost. So the price you see is what you pay.
  • #2. When You Call, You Talk Directly With Me – No annoying call centres, no computer generated online assistance, and no irritating salespeople looking to fill their quota.
  • When you call you’ll be connected straight to me, where I’ll talk to you like a real person, so you can get an idea on what our camper trailers can do for you, what type of camper trailer will best suit your needs, or even get advice if you’re just looking for some information about camper trailers. So please feel free to call us on 1300 771 909.
  • #3. Camper Trailers Made For Everyone – Here at Freedom Camper Trailers, we believe everyone should have the chance to get the camper trailer they want. That is why we’ve designed several camper trailers tailor-made and suited to people of all sorts.
  • We have camper trailers that can fit 2 adults and 2 children comfortably, and others that can easily sleep 4 adults. Plus, for those that want more of a home away from home, we have trailers that come with kitchens, showers, and more, which are especially great for those longer trips.
  • #4. Customisable Orders – Even though our camper trailers already come with loads of extras that other suppliers usually charge for, we also offer many customisable options so you’re able to build and create your own unique dream camper trailer. Just give us a call and we’ll work to make your dream trailer for you.
  • #5. Buy Direct & Cut Out The Middleman – One of the best things about Freedom Camper Trailers is that we supply our camper trailers directly to you – the end user, without adding any additional costs that many other suppliers will charge you for. Essentially, you’re getting the same discount off the price that you would get wholesale, except there’s no minimum order amount.
  • #6. Each Production Run Is Tested For Quality To Ensure High Standards – All of our camper trailers go through strict quality tests to ensure they are being made to the highest standards. I myself personally check each camper trailer before we send them out. Plus, all our camper trailers are made to Australian Standards VSB1.
  • #7. Extensive Knowledge, Australia-wide Delivery & More – You also get to take full advantage of our extensive knowledge of camper trailers for advice on what works best for you, there are excellent warranties covering everything on the camper trailers, Australia-wide delivery, a wide range of camper trailers and more, so please don’t hesitate to call us today and get your dream camper trailer.

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About Freedom Camper Trailers

We’ve all been there. We’ve all had that experience where we save up for months on end, stick to our budget, and more so we can have money for our holiday away with our family, partner, or friends.

But, right when you have the money for your family holiday, there’s always something that you didn’t expect that comes along and blows your savings all at once.

Plus, the price of accommodation and the prices of travelling in a caravan aren’t cheap, which doesn’t help the matter. With all these obstacles, it can feel like that adventure slips away from you every time you get close to it, and that can be not only frustrating but also hugely disappointing.

But imagine if there was a solution! Imagine if there was a way to take yourself, your partner, and your family out for an amazing adventure across Australia without dealing with the costs of accommodation or having to invest in a big ugly caravan!

That’s exactly what we do at Freedom Camper Trailers!


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