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  • Fire Extinguishers—dry chemical powder extinguishers / Co2 gas extinguishers / water & foam extinguishers / wet chemical extinguishers.
  • Fire hydrant sign
  • Fire door sign
  • Do not obstruct sign
  • Exit sign
  • What to do in case of a fire sign
  • Fire door notice sign
  • Fire blanket sign
  • Fire extinguisher sign
  • CO2 sign
  • Dry Powder sign
  • Electrical emergency lighting with battery back up
  • Exit emergency lighting


  • Fire protection consultants & equipment sales
  • Trouble shooting of problematic issues with your system
  • Checking fire fighting equipment & timely tagging of those items with log books


Certified Trade qualifications gained in both Industrial & construction areas.
Trained as an Electrical Fitter Mechanic with a broad field of experience.
Also Trained as a Builder in Construction with it's need understanding of the BCA code.

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About Fire Safety Solutions

At this time of year we offer a service to the community for Bee Swarm Removal and relocation to better environment. There is a world wide problem with reduction in bee numbers and our service helps to alleviate this situation in Newcastle. Please call us for further information and advice.

Fire Protection Consultants & Equipment --- For all your Fire Fighting Needs ---- Look no further than your locally owned family operated business - Fire Extinguishers - Hose Reels & Cabinets - Safety Signage - Fire Doors & Fittings - Brackets & Service Equipment - Fire Blankets -

Electrical Emergency Lighting with Battery back up -- Both Ceiling & Wall mounted.

Emergency Exit Lighting with Battery back up.

Annual Fire Safety Statement ( AFSS ) & Fire Safety Certification as required by Local Municipal Council Authorities & NSW FIRE Brigade

Smoke Alarms both ' Hard Wired ' and 10 year Lithium Battery types. Plus Centralized Panel systems.

Trouble Shooting of problematic issues with your system. Checking Fire Fighting Equipment & timely Tagging of those items with log books.