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Goondoon StGladstone QLD 4680


  • We offer interior design with the rang of no need to add new item to design from scratch.
  • the services called:
  • 1. Refresh: “Organising the existing design
  • furniture with no need to add new item and optimising the available design “
  • 2. Iconic Touch-up: “Consulting for adding new item(s) to the available design.”
  • 3. Allure Décor: Refresh+ Touch: when you want to change the décor but you don’t know what to add or how to add. At first
  • we will do Refresh package and then Iconic Touch-up the house. The phrase of this service is “Problem solving and adding new items to the available design”.
  • 4. Stylish Design: “Interior design the whole space from first stage. In other word you want to buy everything and design the space.”
  • Building Designer


  • Design- design consulting- redecorating- modeling- 3D modeling- 2D modeling- purchasing furniture- listing furniture to be buy- analyzing existing design- shopping assistance-

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  • 94609829898
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  • Architect - Interior Designer- Color consultants-

About Fab Ideas Pty Ltd

Inspiration: A quest for beauty
“In art the hand can never execute anything higher than the heart can inspire.”
Ralph Waldo Emerson


Inspiration: A quest for beauty
“In art the hand can never execute anything higher than the heart can inspire.”
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Our work is inspired by beauty: the ability to bring beauty to a place, to the people who live within it and to the purpose of the design that transforms it. With this collective inspiration, we are assured that every design begins with a common source.

The ability to create beauty is a gift, one held by few but appreciated by many. Those who possess the gift are driven to express it. And those who are able to value it are driven to surround themselves with it. It’s at this intersection of creation and appreciation that Fab Ideas Interiors thrives.

To us, beauty doesn’t live solely in interior design, for that would be too self-referential and would quickly lead to a self-consuming perspective. Rather, we love and live for beauty in all areas, whether it be art, fashion, architecture or the indescribably perfect reflection of beauty in nature. An appreciation of beauty across all forms allows for inspiration to be drawn from and reference other sources. Art inspires art, and the artfulness of a Fab Ideas space is one that knows its purpose, but critically, celebrates its splendour.

While we focus on residential spaces, we take time throughout the year to explore and discover the potential of commercial interior design. Whether working for hotels, restaurants or lounges, each commercial space offers us a similar opportunity: to uncover the potential for beauty where people are more willing to stretch and immerse themselves in a more contemporary, trend-driven environment. To these spaces, we bring our trademark ability to define and elevate comfort and functionality, but with a more distinctive, time-sensitive look than in the residential spaces we design.

The ability to bring the beauty of function into the form of design—and to create a space that reflects the personality of the residents, rather than the personality of the designer—takes character, conviction and vision. Often these traits and capabilities are accompanied by a few, well-placed and earned grey hairs. Such is the case with us. While not Fab Ideas will have decades of experience, every one of us will inherently understand that our work is not about putting our stamp on a space; rather it is about bringing out the beauty of that space, allowing it to become the best it can be while reflecting the homeowners who live within it, graciously, every day.

Our story says, “This is who we are, what we believe in, whom we serve and why we exist.”

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