FAB Dock

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Gold Coast QLD

Ways to Pay

  • Cash
  • EFT


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  • Boat Dry Dock Solution, Boat maintenance


  • No need to anti-foul ever again
  • Your FAB Dock will pay for itself in a couple of years’ maintenance savings
  • The unique design makes docking your boat so much easier
  • Portable, just roll it up and take it with you
  • The footprint is about the same size as the boat (actually smaller in some instances), therefore no problems in tight spaces or marinas
  • Inconspicuous, some marinas have already banned other alternatives because they are unsightly and potentially dangerous
  • No issue in shallow waters – if you can get your boat in and out, you can have a FAB Dock
  • There is no additional stress or strain placed on your pontoon or jetty
  • Your boat remains at water level, so there’s no chance of the boat rolling over. Nor will it block your views.

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