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Extremely disappointing

7 months ago
As a regular massage customer I am accustomed to deep tissue massages, however as a new visitor to this particular store I am shocked as to the roughness and pain my therapist caused me. Requesting a neck and shoulder massage to alleviate tightness in my neck. The massage therapist straight away started pushing down on my back as though she was a chiropractor trying to crack my back. She was pushing me down into the table so hard trying to force the cracking sound. Rubbing certain veins on my neck/throat that I have never had touched by any other therapist, she was rubbing back and forth so vigorously I was about to cry. The entire experience was incredibly painful. Once the massage was over, straight away I had pain in my neck as though I had torn or pulled it by turning it unnaturally. One day later I have had to miss work and attend a doctor as I can not turn my neck to one side. I’ve tried icing, heating and magnesium bath which has not assisted with the pain. I do not recommend.
Rebecca - Townsville, QLD

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