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6/9 Villiers DrvCurrumbin Waters QLD 4223

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  • Complete Metal Ace Bar System
  • The Bender & Dies
  • Metal Scroller
  • Metal Roller
  • Metal Twister
  • Metal Ace 20 Tonne Press

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About ExeLmetal

Metal Ace's metalworking machinery enables you to create balustrades, candleabras, metal furniture and metal gates with ease. Metals such as

Metal Ace's metalworking machinery enables you to create balustrades, candleabras, metal furniture and metal gates with ease. Metals such as iron, wrought iron and steel can be used with our machinery to create a broad range of metal products.

This machine is a new concept in home or small factory metalworking systems, simplifying the process of bending, scrolling, twisting and rolling metal, either flat, round or square. While originally designed with wrought iron work in mind the metalworking machine is finding increasing use in metalworking shops and small factories as it's versatility becomes recognised.

We consider this to be a revolutionary piece of metalworking machinery, capable of many uses around the workshop or factory to enhance and speed up the work currently done or indeed to branch out into extra product lines unable to be done before.

There is UNLIMITED POTENTIAL in the range of metal products that can be made, from simple hooks and brackets to large and complicated items, such as candleabra, pot plant stands, coffee tables, bedside lamps, floor lamps etc. etc. - and as you become more experienced with the equipment a whole new world will open up to you, making indoor and outdoor metal furniture, wall units, sideboards and so on. The range of metalwork creations is boundless, limited only by your imagination. See our sample page.
One of the big advantages of metalwork products is that the
material input costs are very low as most of the sale price is your.
labour so you get a very high return for your effort.

Complete Metal Ace Bar System
Dynabolts are supplied to allow
the unit to be bolted to the floor.
The complete bar unit comes with the following attachments. Metal bending, scrolling, twisting and rolling attachments.
Instruction book on use of the machine - also with drawings and ideas on what to make.

Machinery parts can be purchased individually if required.
Check our prices page.

The Bender is a multi purpose unit that will do right angle bends, radius bends, u-bolts, saddles, hooks and many other clever designs.

The bending wedge is hardened and the pivot pin is of high tensile steel to withstand the loads involved.

The unit can be set up in a number of different positions for quick and easy bending. The capacity is 50mm x 6mm and can do up to 12mm square or round with the wedge, or heavier if using a radius bend.

Radius Bending Dies
The bender comes with a set of eight round dies ranging in size from 25mm through to 75mm for the various size of radius bends or u-bends you may want to do.
(Comes as standard with bender)

Tube Bending Dies
Tube bending dies are available as an accessory from half inch (12mm) to one inch (25mm) in either round or square light wall tube.

These fit in the bender in the same position as the radius bending dies and give a good even bend without crimping.