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  • Palpation & Assessment
  • Gait Analysis
  • Sports Massage
  • Stress Point Therapy
  • T-Touch
  • Low Level Laser - Healing, Bio Medical Acupuncture
  • Tendons. muscle pull strains & tears, wounds & inflammation)
  • Myofascia Techniques
  • Soft Tissue Mobilisation
  • Stretching Regime
  • Saddle Fit & assessment

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  • Equine Sports Body Worker Eebw aesmt
  • ABN 58583500515
  • ABN 58 583 500 515


  • Assessing horses as a whole.
  • Years of experience with all types of horses & riders
  • Bringing out the Best in your Horse
  • Is your Athlete telling you something?

About Equine Sports Body Worker & Laser Therapist – Penny Grov Eebw Aesmt

Hello and welcome to my page. Thank you for looking me up. Needing some help with your horse or just

Hello and welcome to my page. Thank you for looking me up. Needing some help with your horse or just some advice - I am here to help
I'm a qualified Equine Sports Body Worker and Low Level Laser Therapist. I have always had a love of Horses and Dogs
I have been involved in horses all my life. I rode Arabian and Thoroughbred horses as a youngster, keen as spending every possible moment with my horses and many miles under saddle.. My working life began at 15 yrs old, riding track work & strapping for Eric Denning, this lead me to further opportunities becoming employed at breeding studs and riding schools. Always keen to learn more about our horses I was in my element.
In 1986 my Husband Max & I were appointed caretakers at the EFA Indoor arena in Darwin NT. This introduced me to Classical dressage and many wonderful riders and coaches. The beauty & harmony enlightening. Sadly with horses this is not always the case, we have taken on many rescue horses over the years and had the pleasure of being able to bring them to their potential
I have spent the last 30 years with hands on horses. I have been involved in treating horses of all disciplines, working closely with my Clients, Veterinarians, Trainers, Coaches, Farriers & Herbalists to achieve the best possible performance from their horses. Observing and learning all the time
It was 1998 I attended the first Equinology courses available in Australia, held in W.A by the founder of Equinology- Debranne Pattilo. Here I gained my Anatomy, Palpation, Stress point therapy and Sports massage skills and began practising as an Equine Sports Body Worker. This began the need to learn more
Moving from Perth to Mackay with my husband, 2 children, dogs and 1 horse we were pioneers.
Beginning a practice I had to put in the hard yard, working long hours treating horses of all ages and disciplines with a variety of problems. This often took me into the evening and most weekends. Building up my cliental this kept me busy. Gaining good results for my efforts the bookings continued. Supported by wonderful clients and their want to improve and maintain their horses. Results speak for themselves...
2000 & 2001 led to more desire to learn and I continued completing further study through Equinolgy. It was at that time that I was fortunate enough to meet Sharon May Davis aka Bone Lady from Oz, she was attending the same advanced massage course, we partnered thru the course and became friends. Sharon's skill, knowledge and passion so very apparent, she explained she was structuring her own courses thru the Australian Racing institute and she invited me to attend. Passionate to learn more, I attended several courses, learning from her vast knowledge.
She taught Myofascial release and Cranio Sacral therapy along with Advanced massage techniques and Joint mobilisation and a thorough Stretching regime. Topics covered included Saddle fitting and associated problems.
I went on to attend a Tom quilty endurance ride with Sharon working alongside her, hands on the horses, I was in my element-outstanding results were gained. It was at this time I introduced Sharon to the benefits of Low level laser, she now recommends and uses Laser herself. She is truly inspirational. I have continued to be a student and attend where possible Equine Dissections, Equine biomechanics & Gait analysis courses. Forever we are learning. Horses are great teachers.
2013-2014 I have completed two modules thru Dr Kerry Ridgway DVM along side Manolo Mendez and have found this to be of a great tool in supporting my treatments
From paddock ponies and breakers to world class eventers, showjumpers, and dressage mounts this is a lovely effective therapy.
My Hands on therapy's Influence movement - range of motion/stride length, improves balance and paces, as well as behaviour by reducing tension, encouraging better acceptance, treating and resolving lameness and inflammation and is wonderful maintenance for prevention of general soreness. The Bone is a slave to the muscle, only moving when and where the muscle ligament and tendon allows it !
Treating Muscular and Skeletal Dysfunction along with Sacroiliac problems
Laser reduces inflammation, promotes wound healing and speeds healing of tendon injuries
Checking Saddle fit and assessment
Influencing the Whole Horse, function and disposition

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